#FestivalMonth: 7 Top Tips For You To Share With Your Festival Attendees


After such success with #TheatreMonth last month, we can’t wait to jump into #FestivalMonth! Festivals are a celebration of the things we love, and we want to celebrate our festival organisers who use Ticket Tailor. We’ll be posting more D.I.Fri tips and Client Spotlights of festival companies in the know, so keep your eyes peeled!

Summertime is officially here, and if it’s anything like Glasto’ weekend, we’re hopefully in for some nice weather. Although having fun is at the heart of festivals, it’s important to stay safe whilst doing so. We know you care about your ticket buyers too, so we’ve created a list for you to pass on to your ticket buyers: 

  1. Clever Camping- Practice putting up your tent first! Make sure you can fit everything in there, including yourself!

  2. Stay hydrated! Seek out the places that offer water early on in your trip, so that you know where to go. Keep a bottle of water with you so you don’t find yourself stuck!

  3. It’s not easy being green- but it’s perfectly doable! Be conscious about the size of your carbon footprint and the amount of plastic you use, when there could be reusable or biodegradable alternatives. Biodegradable glitter, reusable bottles, lift sharing, bringing reusable cutlery and cups, and avoiding single use wet wipes are just some ways to help save our planet!

  4. Stay sun smart- that means bringing your suncream, wearing a hat, seeking shade, bring your sunnies, wear loose clothing- anything to make sure that the heat doesn’t take its toll on you and your loved ones. 

  5. Whatever the weather- make sure you check it in advance. If it’s forecast to rain, bring wellies, rain macs and changes of clothes if needs be.

  6. Be safe! Sometimes festivals can be hotspots for trouble. Only bring the essentials and leave any valuable items at home.

  7. First aid familiarity- check for first aid centres and medics when you arrive so you know where to go if someone happens to feel unwell. 

You can find more tips on the FestivalSafe website, which has lots of advice to offer for festival goers. Also as we’re just feeling kind, here’s a freebee image of our tips for you to use. You can share this on your social media sites, send to people or print out as a poster to remind your ticket buyers about the importance of being festival savvy. Enjoy!