Coronavirus: information for event organisers and ticket buyers

Given the developing situation with the uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus, we thought it would be helpful to put together some advice for both event organisers and event attendees. 

As the situation is very much still evolving, the best guidance from an official standpoint can be found by keeping a close eye on what is advised in your specific country. If you have an event planned and are looking for some advice on what your options are, we’ve put together an FAQ page to answer some common questions.

If you have bought a ticket for an event and are looking for updates or information, you can monitor the event page for any changes or reach out to the event organiser directly. More information for ticket holders.

We’re keeping a close eye on the situation as it evolves. We know it has the potential to be disruptive for future events, so we want to make sure event organisers are as supported as possible when it comes to their options. If you need any help using Ticket Tailor to keep your customers informed, or in the worst case, how to cancel an event, you can check out our resources below, or reach out to our support team directly any time.