Safely manage event capacity in a Covid-secure way

We know how important it’s going to be to be able to safely manage the capacity of your event with social distancing in mind. Our features will ensure you have the flexibility to run your event in a Covid-secure way, whether that’s having smaller, more frequent events, or allowing customers to pre-book a time slot. Here are three key features we hope will make it easier for event organisers to get up and running safely:

Set your event up with time slots for entry management

If you have an event taking place over the course of a day and you want to limit the number of people arriving at different times, use our ticket type and ticket group features to allow attendees to pre-book a time slot. This might be helpful for events such as:

  • Farmers markets

  • Swimming pools

  • Galleries and museums

Easily list multiple or recurring events

If you have a daily event, or any other frequency, our tool allows you to easily duplicate your event so you don’t have to recreate it multiple times. This means if you’re having to run smaller events more often, it’s simple to set it up and allow your customers to buy tickets and feel safe in a smaller capacity environment. This might be helpful if you run:

  • Fitness or yoga classes

  • Tour guides

  • Comedy nights

Manage booking numbers by ticket type

If you’re running an event with different ticket types available (e.g. child and adult) and you want to ensure you only sell a certain number of each type for your event for social distancing reasons, our ticket group feature allows you to cap how many you sell.

We hope these features make it as simple as possible to get your events back up and running, but if you ever need any help our support team are available round the clock at