Improving our user experience

Our most recent ‘Can-crushing week’ has just passed, and this week we focussed on a lot of UX issues, to improve the experience of using Ticket Tailor. 

(‘Can-crushing week’ is a week we dedicate to making small changes that will create big improvements. Read more about can-crushing in our blog post.) 

Whilst you might not notice any major changes, your day to day usage of Ticket Tailor will be more frictionless and intuitive. 

Why is good UX important to us? 

UX issues are pain points in our platform that we notice are a bit clunky, and which can be slightly annoying for our event creators. 

We are on a mission to be the best-loved ticketing platform in the world, and that means we want everyone who interacts with Ticket Tailor to enjoy the experience. 

If we notice small inefficiencies, or workflows that could be improved, we are dedicated to improving them, so that all of our event creators get the best experience possible.
Our August ‘Can-crushing week’ flushed out some niggles. 

For example, we made our White label pricing clearer on our billing page. We also improved the experience for recurring event organisers, by making it easier to schedule Broadcast emails and reducing the scrolling you might have done when adding online event links to upcoming occurrences. As well as this, if you’re publishing events from your event page, your page won’t jump to the top after changing your event from draft to published, or vice versa, like it did before. 

We aim to keep Ticket Tailor jam-packed full of useful features, and at the same time simple and user friendly. We’ve heard from you that we do a great job, but if there is ever anything you think could be improved, let us know at