New feature: set min/max number of tickets allowed to make group bookings easier

We’ve been talking to a lot of event organisers recently so that we can keep making the changes needed to help you all sell (even more) tickets online! We’re so excited to be working on a lot of new and impactful features after these conversations. Something we’re really happy to be able to share is the ability to set a min/max order value to a group of tickets.

This makes group bookings easier, by allowing you to set a discounted price for orders over a certain number of tickets.

A ticket tailor checkout with regular priced tickets, and a group labelled 'Group discount' with tickets that are £2 cheaper per ticket.

For example, a famous chapel based in Cambridge sells tickets for visitors to look around their historic building. They get loads of bookings, and a lot of large groups like to visit. If a group of 10 are visiting, they like to offer a discount on both their adult and child tickets. Now, they can set up their discounted tickets in a group where a minimum order quantity is set to 10. This allows a group of any 10 or more adults and children to book at a discounted price. They know exactly what type of tickets they have sold, and will be able to accommodate groups without exceeding their overall capacity. 

Boat race registration checkout showing the message 'Your need to select a minimum of 5 tickets from this group'.

This feature could also be really handy if you’re registering teams for a sports event. For example, if you are registering mixed sports teams you can set a min and max per order to ensure you get the right sized teams, whilst accurately recording the team make-up. 

If you’re running a super exclusive or limited event, you can also limit each ticket purchase to one ticket per order, by putting all of your tickets into a group with a min and max capacity. This allows you to limit your overall ticket purchase per order.