We listened: Ticket Tailor is launching a referral program!

One of the main ways Ticket Tailor has grown over the years has been through word of mouth: existing users who love our platform, urging friends and colleagues to sign up and sell tickets with us. 

We continue to invest in our product, support and low pricing, as we know that is what makes our users happy and gets them to share their experience with other event creators.

We've always been so grateful for this passionate support, but we’ve never had a meaningful way to share the success and reward you. Until now...

We're thrilled to be launching our all-new referral program!

The Ticket Tailor referral program means that by simply sharing a unique sign-up link, partners can earn 20% on all the Ticket Tailor fees generated from that referral, forever. 

Our powerful partner portal will allow users to track referral metrics, conversions and ongoing earnings. On top of this, partners will have access to handy resources and links which will make sharing Ticket Tailor with event creators an easy and low-effort experience.

Who can be a referral partner?

Ticket Tailor users are automatically enrolled in the program and are provided with a unique URL in their dashboard

Third parties like event agencies, consultants, promoters and bloggers can also sign up and sign up and promote Ticket Tailor to their audiences, without needing to create a Ticket Tailor account.

How much could I expect to earn?

The amount that Ticket Tailor users pay in fees varies massively depending on the number of tickets they sell. 

Some small users may only spend $100/£100 a year, meaning $20/£20 per year earnt by the partner who referred them.

However, our largest users spend 10s of thousands a year on Ticket Tailor, which would mean the referral partner would earn thousands each year. 

As we don’t put an earnings or time cap on the program, and since most Ticket Tailor users tend to stay on the platform for several years, the potential lifetime earnings could be very high for partners referring larger users, or those that can refer a high number of smaller users.

If you have questions or feedback about the referral program then please email partners@tickettailor.com or contact support via your dashboard.