The Doctor's Orders: 99 problems but ticketing ain't one


Dubbed the "Kings of the capital's hip-hop scene" by Time Out, The Doctor's Orders have established themselves as a major player in the UK nightlife scene, hosting year-round club nights and concerts throughout the country.

With a core fanbase of hip-hop followers, The Doctor's Orders live by the ethos of unpretentious parties for fans of real music, who care more about feeling good than looking good. It's proving successful. Now in their 13th year, The Doctor's Orders have attracted a who's who list of the world's best DJs and artists including the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Gilles Peterson and KRS One. With such success and growth, The Doctor's Order's have found themselves filling more venues and continuously accommodating their growing capacity needs.

When it comes to selling tickets to their events, The Doctor's Orders maximise marketing reach by listing their events on multiple ticketing platforms simultaneously, including the likes of Ticketmaster, Ticket Web and Dice. While this approach is proven to be successful for The Doctor's Orders' ticket sale numbers, they were experiencing downsides too.

With Ticket Tailor, the money gets credited immediately when someone buys a ticket!
— Ralph, The Doctor's Orders

Cashflow was the major concern for The Doctor's Orders. Most ticketing platforms would hold on to their revenue until the event had taken place, which created cashflow problems for The Doctor's Orders because they plan events months in advance and need immediate revenue to book future DJs and performers (as well as pay salaries). The Doctor's orders began to use Ticket Tailor in 2014 to help aleviate this problem. "With Ticket Tailor, the money gets credited immediately when someone buys a ticket!" says Ralph from The Doctor's Orders team. This small detail made the world of difference to The Doctor's Orders and allowed them to continuously plan beyond their next event.

An additional problem The Doctor’s Orders were facing is the large ticket fees deducted from their revenue. Ticketmaster, Ticket Web, and Dice all take a fee from each ticket sale, which quickly add up when selling tickets at scale. With Ticket Tailor, The Doctor’s Orders were able to reap the benefits of only paying a fixed rate monthly fee and selling the number of tickets they needed to, without the worry of further deductions from their revenue.

The Doctor’s Orders also wanted to sell tickets directly from their website, as they were attracting significant visitor numbers. Ticket Tailor could offer assistance in this area also, by offering white label widgets that can be embedded into any website, allowing customers to purchase tickets without the need to leave the website. This feature allowed The Doctor’s Orders’ customers to have a complete brand experience. "It’s very easy to use. Literally paste it (the widget) straight into Wordpress and bang – good to go! You don’t need to be a HTML/coding expert to make the widget look great on your website" Ralph explains.



Nice and straight forward, saves a lot of time and minimises problems. More time for us to arrange parties!
— Ralph, The Doctor's Orders

Since using Ticket Tailor, The Doctor’s Orders have been going from strength to strength and are continuously growing their events business. The hip hop heavyweights still utilise third party ticketing sites for the mass marketing reach. For them, it’s a balance of maximising each ticketing outlet in the best way possible. The Doctor’s Orders have found Ticket Tailor the ideal partner when it comes to ticket sales directly from their website. "Nice and straight forward, saves a lot of time and minimises problems. More time for us to arrange parties!" says Ralph.

Today The Doctor’s Orders are continuing to attract bigger, worldwide DJs and performers to their events, and increasing their fanbase as they explore different music genres. "we’re huge fans of all different types of music so there’s still a lot of artists and DJs we still haven’t booked."

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