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6 festive classes & workshops you can host online (and how to run one)

Whatever you’ll be creating, these simple steps should get you on the way to hosting a great online class

a close up of a christmas tree

It’s true, raucous office Christmas parties feel like a thing of the distant past – an almost impossible to imagine phenomenon that’s as hard to fathom as shaking a stranger’s hand, these days. As are casual get-togethers with friends, at least where serious Covid-19 security measures haven’t been planned out for weeks in advance. For most, the annual festivities that usually take place across December are going to look very different in 2020 – but that’s not to say fun can’t still be had. If you’re in the business of running festive events, or are just looking for a way to bring your community together this Christmas, it might well be time to embrace the virtual workshop.

How to host a virtual workshop

What goes into running your virtual workshop will obviously depend on the nature of what you’re offering. But whatever it is you’ll be creating, these simple steps should get you on the way to hosting a great online class:

  1. Choose a platform to use some of the best platforms for virtual workshops include Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. Check out our article on the best webinar alternatives to Zoom for some more options (they can double up as great workshop hosting platforms too).
  2. Choose a platform to share information and instructions – this could be something simple like Google Forms, or Canva (the very user-friendly design platform) for something more visual.
  3. Choose a theme – see some festive ideas below!
  4. Decide whether or not you’re going to provide materials or ask attendees to bring their own. If you’re providing them, you’ll need to purchase them and post them to your attendees in good time.
  5. Set up online event registration for people to register or buy tickets.
  6. Promote your event – don’t forget to give it a precise start time. We have an article on making social media work for your event promotion, which may be useful.
  7. Email ticket buyers with details of how to log on to the event.
  8. Create your set-up at home – consider buying an extra webcam to make sure your audience has a great view of you as you guide them through the workshop.
  9. Log on and host your virtual workshop!

Festive virtual workshop and class ideas

a paper and pencils on a table

Virtual Christmas wreath workshop

Wreath making is ‘all the rage’ right now, and it translates really well to the world of online. A nice touch for this kind of workshop would be to get your attendees to come armed with some materials of their choice to decorate their wreathe – while you’d provide the basics for making the actual structure. 

Virtual festive cocktail making

There are tons of gorgeous festive variations on classic cocktails to be done this time of year. So why not host a virtual class for just this? Simply send a list of required ingredients to your attendees to shop for beforehand, then let the mixing begin. Think fragrant mulled gin, hot toddies, twists on retro eggnog drinks, and plenty of glitzy decorations. 

a glass of liquid with orange on top of it

Virtual Christmas candle workshop

This one’s for the serious crafters out there who are looking for something a little more challenging than cracker and bauble-making, but equally as fun. Hand-making candles – each with its own evocative festive scent – is an entertaining activity that’s sure to appeal to everyone from interior design enthusiasts to aromatherapy advocates. 

Virtual Christmas cookalong

Nothing quite says Christmas like getting stuck in to preparing an almighty feast. Your virtual Christmas cookalong could involve teaching attendees how to make the perfect mince pies with brandy cream, or you could get technical with top tips on roasting a turkey and crafting the ultimate gravy. Send attendees a shopping list in advance for this one. 

a candle and cookies next to a christmas tree

Virtual Christmas cracker workshop

Flex your artistic muscles with a creative Christmas cracker class online, letting your attendees choose from a selection of festive prints and designs to create their very own table toppers. For this kind of class, it’s probably best to send the required materials in advance – you’ll need Christmas cracker templates, cracker snaps, decorative materials, small gifts, paper hats and cheesy jokes in abundance. 

Virtual bauble making class

Baubles can be made from a whole host of different materials, like card, glass, wood or plastic. For your virtual bauble making workshop, choose a theme – like ethereal Nordic (think plenty of wood, whites and frosty colours), all-out traditional (think green, red and gold glitter galore), or ultra-modern (think gleaming glass and minimalist colours). Send all materials needed to your attendees in advance.

a group of red christmas tree ornaments on snow

Christmas may look different from what we’re used to this year, but embracing the world of online workshops is one way to channel some of that inner ‘Elf’. Cheesy Christmas playlists optional (well, not really). 

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