The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union – Maximising event ticketing opportunities

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union – Maximising event ticketing opportunities

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU) is on a mission to have a positive impact on every Portsmouth University student. To achieve this mission, Union staff take an agile approach to projects, they embrace the digital age of tech-savvy millennial students and are always ready to take on the next adventure.

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Let's back this amazing local project!

Let's back this amazing local project!

At Ticket Tailor, we are are extremely fortunate to work with event organisers who bring communities together each and every day. Yesterday we came across a fantastic initiative by Community Matters and EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) who are creating a music education centre for young people in Hackney.  They are in the final days of a crowdfunding effort to help them turn this dream into reality.

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New update: Cross-domain tracking for Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration has just had a big improvement with the addition of cross-domain tracking. This update allows you to configure your Google Analytics tracking to track visitors across your website and your Ticket Tailor box office, linking all their actions to the same user. This works with both the embedded booking widgets and also when just linking off to your event pages.

If you haven't set up Google Analytics tracking yet, read our help article to get started.

If you have set up Google Analytics and would like to add cross-domain tracking, then simply follow these steps from your Ticket Tailor Admin panel:

  1. Go to Box office setup
  2. Click on Connect apps
  3. Click on Google Analytics
  4. You should see your current settings. Click Edit settings.
  5. In the field labelled Primary domain for cross-domain tracking enter your website domain, e.g.
  6. Click Save settings and you will be instructed on how to modify the tracking code on your website.

We hope you like this update. We are on-hand to help if you get stuck.

Order export options, custom redirects + more new features

Just a quick update to let you know about some new features that have just gone live on Ticket Tailor.

Improved order export options

You told us that when exporting orders, you wanted to select what columns you would like in the report instead of getting EVERYTHING. This is now possible. You can toggle whole sections of data, or individual columns to get that perfect report. Learn more about order exports.


Redirect customers back to your website after purchase

When a ticket buyer completes their purchase they will be shown the order confirmation message, which you can customise from your control panel. Sometimes it makes more sense for your customers to go back to your own website. It's possible to do this from the admin panel.

On the redirect we are also passing some key pieces of data in the URL: the order ID, the order value, the event ID and the order currency which makes it possible for you to track sales on your site.

Learn more about redirecting the order confirmation page.

Keep tabs on abandoned orders

Sometimes your customers don't complete their orders. Maybe they got distracted, maybe they changed their mind, or maybe they had issues with their payment. You've asked if you can get access to the data for customers who abandoned their orders, and why not?! Now you can now see the orders that haven't been completed from the Orders area. Learn more about tracking incomplete orders.

Tell ticket buyers how many tickets are remaining

You've often asked us to show ticket buyers the number of tickets remaining when they go through the checkout process. Now this is easy to set up. Learn more about showing remaining ticket quantities to ticket buyers.