A quick round-up of ticketing & event marketing tips from our founder, Jonny

We recently ran a Q&A webinar with our founder, Jonny, giving Ticket Tailor users the chance to ask the guy behind the platform anything they fancied.

Although Jonny might blush at the compliment, he’s a pretty knowledgeable guy when it comes to all things events and ticketing, having over a decade’s worth of experience! So we thought it would be useful to create a quick-fire round-up of key Q&A takeaways for those who don’t have time to watch the full webinar. 

Keep reading for Jonny’s tips on:

  • The future of event industry trends

  • Getting the most out of your event marketing 

  • Selling tickets consistently for recurring events 

  • Building a community around your events 

Let’s go👇.

🔮 On the future of event industry trends

  • There are a couple of things that are top-of-mind for event planners right now, and which will likely remain so across 2024:

    • The cost of living crisis + post-Covid comeback: event creators are likely to focus on keeping costs low for both themselves and their attendees. 

    • Sustainability: We’re seeing more and more event creators really drive their sustainability efforts forward, and think we’re set to see some cool innovations around this in the coming months and years. 

  • One encouraging trend we’re seeing is around the multiplication of events across different locations. So, an event creator will start with an event in one location – then replicate this in different cities or even countries. They might even end up running multiple events in different locations at the same time. This can be a great way to reach new audiences and increase profit – all the better for putting on even bigger events next time round.

  • Another interesting trend we’re seeing is the ‘no phones’ rule at live events. The theory being that when people don’t have the distraction of taking pictures and videos, they enjoy the event more. 

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📣 On getting the most out of your event marketing 

  • Honing your social media strategy can reap great rewards. For example, it can be a wise move to:

  • Focus only on the social media platforms that your audiences are really active on, rather than trying to be across all platforms.

  • Experiment with new content formats; learn the inner workings of the ones that resonate with your audience – for example, it’s crucial to make the first three seconds count in any video or Reel. 

  • Using ticketing features specifically designed to help you sell out can add another valuable string to your marketing bow – like promotions, discounts and seasonal pricing. 

  • Offering your existing event community incentives to promote your event can also help boost your marketing efforts. (For example, through a referral scheme, or social media competition where people like and share your content for the chance to win a prize.)

  • Don’t underestimate word of mouth – this is one of the most powerful ways to grow your event/s! The way to get people talking about, and recommending your event? Delight them at every stage. Creating a brilliant, high-quality event that leaves a lasting impression means attendees are much more likely to tell their friends about it (for all the right reasons).

  • Aim to capture as much content from your events as possible. For example, getting lots of great photos and videos allows you to really hone your online sales pitch for future events. 

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🎟️ On selling tickets consistently for recurring events

  • Operating a memberships system is one of the most effective ways to keep your recurring events sold out. We have a Memberships tool on Ticket Tailor that allows you to give your attendees the option to buy season tickets and get access to special discounts and benefits. Well worth looking into!

  • Selling gift cards is another great way to secure bigger audiences for your recurring events.

  • If you run weekly events, it can be a wise move to start a mailing list, as this enables you to send out regular reminders to past attendees, and keep them engaged with your events. (More on setting up a mailing list below 👇.)

🤝 On building a community around your events

  • Sending out a regular newsletter to past attendees can be a great way to make them feel a part of your event community. To curate a mailing list for your newsletter, you can:

  • Collect people’s email addresses and consent during the registration process, and you can also have a physical place where people can sign up at your events.

  • Ticket Tailor also gives you the option of choosing your own ‘redirect’ page for when people purchase tickets. So, you could redirect ticket buyers to a page with a prompt to sign up to your newsletter as soon as they make their purchase. 

  • Finally, Ticket Tailor allows you to customise your email confirmation for those who’ve just bought tickets – providing another opportunity for a newsletter signup prompt. 

  • Ticket Tailor now has a really handy LinkedIn integration, too. When you enable this, ticket buyers who have LinkedIn will receive a pop-up after buying a ticket, asking if they want to join the official event group on LinkedIn. Nice!

That’s a wrap! We hope these quick tips and insights have been useful (thanks Jonny! 🤩). For more great ticketing and event planning guidance, be sure to check out the Ticket Tailor blog.

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