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Are drive-in events the next big craze?

Read about drive-in gig, and how it’s set to change festival-aficionados’ lives forever

a close-up of a sign drive-in theatre

Picture this: you’re at a gig, cool tin of beer in hand; The Streets are blaring hits new and old from an actual outdoor stage in front of you, the sun is shining and the aircon is… on? Yep, this is the drive-in gig, and it’s set to change festival-aficionados’ lives forever (or at least for this summer, anyway).

a close-up of a sign drive-in theatre

With over 400 grassroots venues facing permanent closure, like so many other industries, the world of music is doing everything it can to help counteract the catastrophic consequences of Coronavirus. One such measure is Live Nation’s ingenious concept of the drive-thru concert, in which attendees will arrive in their car, and stay either inside their vehicle or step out onto a strictly defined area around it for the entirety of the show. There’ll be capacity for around 300 cars at each event, which will be taking place in large outdoor spaces across Birmingham, London, Liverpool and potentially many more locations. Artists so far announced include the likes of Dizzee Rascal, The Lightning Seeds, Gary Numan, The Streets and Ash.

As we contemplate the cancelled Glastonburys, Coachellas, Tomorrowlands and the thousands of other gigs and concerts that will no longer take place in 2020, this innovative method of bringing live music to people in dire need of it is a much needed relief.

The return of the outdoor cinema

It’s not only the music industry that’s jumping on board the drive-in bandwagon. At Ticket Tailor, we’re seeing tons of outdoor cinema events popping up, too – from The Drive-In Cinema in Scotland, to The Blue Starlight Mini Urban Drive-In in Texas, to Indiana’s Tibbs Drive-In. Social distancing rules will be strictly adhered to across the board, with most hosts warning that attendees must stay inside their vehicles at all times throughout the viewing. Screenings are gloriously retro, with classics like Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Goonies and Twister set to please kids and grown-ups alike. 

In truth, outdoor cinemas have been making a come-back for some time, with screenings taking place in quintessentially hipster bars across cities like London for the past few years. But what better time to embrace the vintage trend than now, when staying in our cars could potentially save lives? Not to mention the fact we’re all desperate for a night out. 

A new kind of (car) comedy 

Who doesn’t love a good stand-up? Goodness knows, if there was ever a time we needed a bit of comic relief, it’s now. Enter: London’s The Drive-In Club, a rollicking entertainment event that’s set to see comedians and entertainers take to the stage to bring lots of laughs to a car-contained audience.

Attendees will simply need to drive into their allocated parking spaces and let the good times roll. There’ll be music and film screenings too, with the event running over most of the summer (3rd July - 9th August 2020). Headliners are set to include the likes of Jason Manford, Craig Charles’ Funk & Soul Club, Bill Bailey and many more. And this is just one event, in one city. We can’t help but feel a worldwide drive-in trend coming on...

So, how do I sell my event tickets?

If you’re feeling inspired and think you’ve got the means to run your own drive-in event, you can sell your tickets online using a platform like Ticket Tailor. Whether you plan to revive your nightclub with an alternative drive-thru DJ set, or to take your cinema outside with a retro screening, all you need to do is set up an account and follow a few simple steps to create your event. At Ticket Tailor, you’ll get paid directly when you make a sale (some platforms wait until after your event to pay you), and we’ll always be on hand to help you if you need any advice. Plus, we’re the largest independent ticketing platform out there, meaning we’re able to keep costs low for our customers.

Right now it feels impossible to predict what the next few months or years will bring. But the invention (or re-invention) or the humble drive-in gives us a glimmer of hope that the near-future may be brighter than we thought. And that is something worth celebrating – whether with a quiet drink at home, or a thrilling night out at your local car park.

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