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Best Wordpress calendar plugins for your events site

To help you get started on your mission to find the perfect calendar plugin, we’ve selected a range of the most popular and listed their key features.

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A good calendar plugin for your Wordpress events site is a great way to streamline your customers’ experience and can work beautifully with your Ticket Tailor events.

Which plugin you decide to use will depend on how complex your needs are, with some offering a simple view of upcoming events, and others offering a wide range of nifty features. 

There are so many plugins out there – ranging from basic to super-sophisticated – it can be hard to know where to start, though. Do you need something that integrates with your chosen ticketing platform (like Ticket Tailor)? Do you want to be able to customise the appearance of the calendar fully? Do you want the calendar to enable you to use widgets so you can display upcoming events in more than one place across your site, and share them across social media?

a desk with a potted plant and a computer

To help you get started on your mission to find the perfect calendar plugin, we’ve selected a range of the most popular and listed their key features. Here’s a summary of the ones we think are worth taking a look at.

  1. The Events Calendar
  2. EventOn
  3. Timetable
  4. My Calendar
  5. Amelia
  6. Modern Events Calendar
  7. All In One Events Calendar 
  8. Events Schedule

The Events Calendar

This is undoubtedly one of the best free calendar plugins for Wordpress websites. It’s been consistently praised for its ease-of-use, and within minutes of installing it you could have your events in a beautiful calendar.

  • Use handy widgets to display your calendar as a sidebar and elsewhere on your site
  • Users can easily search the calendar to find specific events
  • Choose from a variety of calendar views, including list and day views
  • Choose between free and pro versions of the plugin – pro enables you to run recurring events and integrate with ticketing platforms alongside offering a list of other useful features


EventOn is a sophisticated calendar plugin offering an extensive list of features, as well as a responsive design that looks great across all devices. 

  • Create single day events, multiple day events and recurring monthly events
  • Integrate Google Maps with your event so users can locate you easily
  • Use features images to make your events look slick and professional
  • Get Schema SEO content support
  • Use its extensive colour options to customise your calendars, and assign different colours to different event types


This plugin is great for those who run lots of classes throughout the week, or run a high volume of events that need displaying in an easy-to-view way. 

  • Extremely easy to use – even for people who aren’t confident with CMS’s
  • Slick timetable view of all your events 
  • Makes managing events really easy thanks to an events manager feature and shortcode generator 
  • Dummy data helps guide you in the events making process
  • Provides you with a customisable events widget that can be used to display your events across your site 

My Calendar

Another really popular calendar plugin that’s been praised for being highly customisable, making it a great choice for those who want to incorporate as much of their branding as possible.

  • Use it to show multiple calendars 
  • List events by authors, location or upcoming
  • Set up recurring events


This powerful plugin is based around letting users make bookings directly from your site. But it also offers a great calendar feature that means you can create and display events in a simple calendar view.

  • Lets you easily manage any employees’ availability 
  • Has a feature that means clashing bookings can’t be made (aka two booking with the same teacher or event host)
  • Automated payments are possible using PayPal, WooCommerce and Stripe
  • Provides notifications via email or SMS to event attendees
  • Choose between free and premium versions 

Modern Events Calendar

The clue’s in the name with Modern Events Calendar – a plugin that prides itself on offering a really contemporary aesthetic that looks great from the get go (minimal effort on your part required). 

  • Set up both recurring and one-off events 
  • Possibility to set up ‘never-ending’ events
  • A range of enticing views, including a daily view and countdown view
  • Choose between free and premium versions
  • Premium version includes a cool weather-watching feature that lets users gauge the weather as their event approaches

All In One Events Calendar 

This is a great option for those who are newer to Wordpress or aren’t that confident with plugins yet. It’s incredibly easy to use and offers loads of great features that can be navigated with minimal effort or knowledge.

  • Intuitive interface that makes it easy to use from the outset
  • Organise events into categories with tags 
  • Choose from three themes for the front-end look of your calendar
  • Edit the your chosen themes colours to suit your brand
  • Display event locations via Google Maps 

Events Schedule

Another really reliable Wordpress calendar plugin, Events Schedule is customisable and modern-looking. it’s particularly well-suited to those who are running a lot of classes or events across the week.

  • Pick between 12 different scheduling styles
  • Works alongside a range of different themes
  • Choose between daily, weekly or monthly views
  • Useful countdown feature
  • Enables you do easily build schedules even if you can’t code

Most of these calendar plugins come with free and paid-for versions, so you can scale things up or down depending on the complexity of your needs. The main things you’ll want to consider are how customisable you need the calendar to be, and how much you want to spend for more robust features. Other than that, we think any one of the above plugins will improve your site and make those all-important ticket sales more likely.

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