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Create landing pages from a set of elegant templates designed with conversion in mind

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A landing page is an ideal way to showcase your event

Landing pages are often used for conversions, but their single-page, smooth-scrolling format is also perfect for events. Most people don't need a fully functional website to sell tickets. It can be a hassle to set up and maintain, while a landing page provides an alternative that's both attractive and effective.

many events

It's easy to showcase images, testimonials and videos through a landing page, and have them be responsive and mobile-ready (something else you won't need to worry about).

Lander's event template also includes google maps, social sharing, a countdown, and space to showcase sponsors and speakers. Best of all, you can now integrate the Ticket Tailor widget into your landing page and sell tickets to your event directly.


There's no need to worry about filling multiple webpages with content if you're using a landing page for your event. In fact, you should be able to fit everything about your event onto a single webpage and this is a good test of that capability. If you can't, consider whether you may be overwhelming visitors with unnecessary information.


Intuitive page editor

Designing a landing page for your event is simple and takes only minutes with a drag and drop visual editor. No coding knowledge is necessary and there are wide a variety of templates to choose from.


Easy A/B testing

Take the time to optimise your page for even better results. Test up to three different landing pages at a time to find out which work best for ticket sales. AB testing

Free trials!

Take Lander for a test run. Create your own event landing page and add your Ticket Tailor booking widget (here's how). Lander has a 14-day free trial and you can even use your own domain name!

Introducing Zapier - saving you time on every ticket sale


We're pleased to announce that you can now connect all sorts of useful apps to Ticket Tailor via Zapier.

Zapier allows different applications to communicate with each other. In practice, this means you can use Zapier to easily automate a number of mundane tasks, such as transferring ticket sales details to spreadsheets, putting together a mailing list from event attendees or creating invoices for purchases.

Instead of spending your time making sure that various apps are synced up, you can now link ticket sales to hundreds of applications like Xero, Hubspot, Salesforce and Google Sheets. When Zapier is told that you've made a sale, it will forward the data you're interested in to your chosen application. It's possible to have several Zaps set up at the same time, complete with filters, so that all your apps will be updated at the same time.

We're currently updating our documentation to reflect some of the most common ways of connecting apps.

Google Sheets Integration

Here is a small example of how Zapier can be used to automatically populate spreadsheets.

You'll need:

  • A Ticket Tailor account
  • A Zapier account
  • A Google sheet to put your data

Step 1: Create a trigger and an action. In this case a new ticket sale will trigger a new spreadsheet row.

zapier gsheets example

Step 2: Link your Ticket Tailor account to Zapier so that this Zap will work. Simply follow the instructions to copy and paste the webhook.

zap sheets hook

Step 3: Connect your Google Sheets account. While you're here it makes sense to title the sheet you'll be using to record your data and create the appropriate columns e.g. "Event name", "customer name".

zap sheets sheet

Here's the sheet I created - it's very basic and there's plenty more data available to import from ticket sales for those who want it.

google sheets

Step 4: Filters. This is where you might channel different clients based on the tickets they bought, the event they attended or a host of other variables. I'm going to leave it blank for now.

zap sheets filter

Step 5: Select your spreadsheet and worksheet, then pick the data you want to automatically transfer after each ticket sale. I have four columns in my spreadsheets because these are the four pieces of information I'm interested in.

zapier gsheets 2 example

Steps 6 & 7: Testing and activation. Make sure you test each Zap and take a look at your spreadsheet to make sure everything is working as intended. An easy way to test this (and other Zaps) is to put a fake ticket sale through Ticket Tailor by adding an order as an operator. You can use this particular order to test other Zaps in the future - Zapier will 'remember' it when you hook the accounts together in Step 2.

zap testing and activation

And that's all there is to it! Please note that the spreadsheet and its associated field headings (Event name, email, etc) should be created before step 5. After the sheet has been linked to Zapier a page refresh may be necessary before these field are detected.

Zapier has their own help documentation, including video tutorials, that can be found here.

Synchronise your ticket buyers with MailChimp

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 16.56.56.png

Whether it's sending a reminder about the upcoming show or promoting the upcoming calendar of events, keeping in touch with ticket buyers is an important part of every event organisers job. MailChimp is a great email marketing tool that's used by many event organisers. It enables you to design and send out email campaigns to your mailing lists.

With a new MailChimp and Ticket Tailor integration you can now automatically synchronise all your ticket buyers with a mailing list in MailChimp.

MailChimp Sell Tickets

MailChimp Sell Tickets

Connect your MailChimp account to Ticket Tailor and whenever someone buys a ticket they will automatically be added to your chosen mailing list in MailChimp. In addition we send over the name of the event the person bought tickets for which makes it easy to target particular ticket buyers.

Synch MailChimp with ticket sales

Synch MailChimp with ticket sales

Read more about how to configure MailChimp with your Ticket Tailor account.

We plan to integrate with more of your favourite apps. If you have any suggestions please email them over to or drop them in the comments below.