Thorington theatre: A sustainable approach to events 

Thorington theatre: A sustainable approach to events 

Sustainability from the start: We talk to Oscar Brennecke-Dunn, Theatre Manager of new outdoor Thorington Theatre nestled in Suffolk woodland.

Established in 2021, Thorington is a theatre like no other. This hidden gem makes use of a natural amphitheatre (a result of a WWII bomb!), and was constructed with the smallest carbon footprint possible. This focus on sustainability didn’t stop there.

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Client spotlight: A look at how the National Museums NI use Ticket Tailor across 4 magnificent museums

Client spotlight: A look at how the National Museums NI use Ticket Tailor across 4 magnificent museums

The National Museums NI are a group of four museums, with the impressive achievement of being Northern Ireland’s premier cultural and tourist destination.
Each of their museums showcases a fantastic collection of objects, guiding visitors through folk history, transport, art and more.

During some pandemic downtime, they rolled out Ticket Tailor across all four sites, to help them with their entire ticketing journey. From selling tickets to checking in customers, it’s been great to see how successful the National Museums NI have been since reopening their doors.

We talked to Ian Cameron to find out how to run such a successful family of museums.

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The Side Room - Selling event tickets online


There are a fair number of members clubs in London. Many charge expensive fees, most focus on in-house events, and nearly all of them are aimed at both sexes or cater to men exclusively. The Side Room does none of these things. tsr

An innovative and modern club for women, The Side Room designs every event from the ground up, then selects the perfect venue to host each occasion. As a social club, activities run the gamut from wine tasting and bespoke museum visits to lively debates with experts in various fields. The creation of entrepreneur Robin Kendall, The Side Room is one of only a few members clubs in London that caters specifically to women, though men may attend many events as the guests of members.

somerset house wine tasting7th Oct - book a wine tasting at Somerset House

Membership to The Side Room is free and events are well subsidised, occurring several times a month and always somewhere different. Highly advantageous for members with busy schedules, the varied timing of events and Robin’s desire to keep prices affordable made Ticket Tailor the perfect fit for ticketing services.

Why Ticket Tailor?

With an attractive website designed in WordPress, The Side Room needed ticketing that would integrate seamlessly without special tools or the need to move web elements around. Ticket Tailor plays nice with WordPress and comes with easily configurable event pages if clients prefer not to use our widget. The result is a crystal clear and user-friendly way to sell event tickets online.

side rooms selling tickets20th Oct - book an After Hours visit to the Old Operating Theatre

Unlike many other services, Ticket Tailor also works with PayPal and Stripe. Payments are transferred quickly and efficiently from multiple active events, giving Robin the flexibility she needs to set up new ones as they become available. With no per-ticket fees or hidden costs, members of The Side Room can continue to meet, listen, learn, taste and explore London, for a price that can't be found anywhere else.

If you think Ticket Tailor would be a good fit for you and your business, why not get in touch at Or if you’d simply prefer to sample a few varieties of tequila among friends, you know where to go.

robin kendall c"Ticket Tailor really works for our business. It allows us total control over all aspects of our ticket sales, including setting and collecting booking fees - which is ideal when running so many events.  

It's quick and easy to use and payments are forwarded as and when they are received, so we benefit by having the money in our account immediately.  We've also been impressed with their customer service response times."

Robin Kendall - Director of The Side Room

South West 7s - Selling festival tickets online


South West 7s is an annual festival celebrating rugby sevens, camping and live music from across the UK. Held at Clifton RFC in Bristol from June 19th to 23rd, this year was SW7s’ highly successful debut. With more than 15 live bands, a selection of artisanal stalls and a competitive 7-a-side rugby tournament, huge amounts of fun (and sun) were had by all.


Rugby fans of all skill levels played together over the 5 day event, with prizes awarded to amateurs and charity donations made on behalf of the pros. For those less sporty or more family oriented, the summer festival also featured DJ sets and a comedy club, with plenty of delicious things to eat and drink.


If you missed SW7s this time around, don't worry! Next year's event is set to be even bigger, so grab your tickets while you can! Sales open on the 1st of September.

Why Ticket Tailor?

South West 7s’ director Thea Wise did plenty of online research before deciding on Ticket Tailor. Knowing that the festival would be a popular event with different pricing points and ticket types, Thea chose Ticket Tailor for its affordable monthly rate, Facebook integration and ease of use.

sw7 fb

Our widget also integrated perfectly into South West 7s' website, and offered a clear and straightforward way for attendees to find and buy their tickets - no redirection necessary!


Being able to set up a variety of ticket types quickly and easily proved especially useful in combination with our check-in app. Promotions for father's day and family bundles were simple to create, as were VIP tickets that featured access to private stands, a secret disco and exclusive food and drink. All of these could be scanned by phone at the door - meaning less fuss and more fun for everyone involved.

Profile Pic“Ticket Tailor is a great option for running any kind of event. It’s affordable and very easy to use. The ticket app is equally fantastic and always ensures straightforward and speedy check-ins.”

Thea Wise - Director at South West 7s

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The Porcini Test - Selling Theatre Tickets Online


Laureen Vonnegut is an American fiction writer, filmmaker and playwright. The Porcini Test is her latest work.

Laureen's first book, Oasis, was hailed as “possessing a Felliniesque delirium, geopolitical knowingness, and womanly-wise toughness” (American Library Association). Over twenty of her short stories and movie scripts have been published worldwide, and her latest novel, Twin Lies, is read in book clubs across the world.


The world premiere of Laureen's first play, The Porcini Test, took place on the 17th of July at the Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica. It will be running until August 22nd and tickets are available here. A feminine take on David Rabe’s darkly comedic Hurly/Burly, The Porcini Test is about old friends with hidden truths, girlfriends with concealed weapons, and boyfriends who need to know their fungi.

Why Ticket Tailor?

Laureen found Ticket Tailor through positive reviews from previous theatrical clients and was drawn to the convenience and predictability of a monthly rather than per-ticket payment plan. The option to add special discounts for groups with coupon codes was particularly useful, and proved to be one of the deciding factors in her choice.

porcini test 2In this case she opted to list tickets via the Box Office and spread this link with a custom discount code through Twitter and Facebook. Instead of sending customers somewhere else to purchase tickets, Ticket Tailor allowed Laureen to make the best use of her logo and social media, and sell tickets directly from her site.

If you’d like to sell tickets online quickly, easily and without the hassle of per-ticket fees, why not take our free trial for a ride? We offer a host of useful features including app-based registration, customisable e-tickets and customer data management.

close up laureen"The flexibility and control of Ticket Tailor has made selling tickets simple and non-stressful."

Laureen Vonnegut - Author, filmmaker and playwright

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Selling tickets online: 2015 National Student Pride

National Student Pride celebrated its 10th anniversary from the 27th of February to the 1st of March this year. Attended by almost 1500 students from over a hundred universities across the UK, it attracted sponsors including EY, IBM and BP, and won Best Event at the 2015 British LGBT Awards.


Why Ticket Tailor?

Through a quirk of fate, Tom Guy, the president of NSP, actually works in the same office as yours truly. Even so, his primary motivation for choosing Ticket Tailor over alternative ticketing service Eventbrite was cost; selling 1500 tickets through Eventbrite meant paying close to £1200 in commission fees. With Ticket Tailor’s pricing plan, the same event cost £72 and the difference could be turned into a better experience for attendees.

nsp divider 1

This year’s Student Pride included a careers fair, debates, parties at G-A-Y and Heaven, and numerous ticketed activities and speakers. The event was listed on Squarespace using Ticket Tailor’s widget, and included several ticket types with additional costs for two film screenings. The ability to customise what data was collected during purchase also meant that useful information could be passed on to sponsors and used for publicity.

nsp gif v3 10fps

National Student Pride was hugely popular this year, with 77% of students rating the event ‘very good’ to ‘amazing’. The variety of activities on offer was also very well received, but this meant that without multiple areas for ticket redemption there was the potential for large queues to form. Ticket Tailor helped organisers speed up check-in by providing a flexible app that worked on laptops, tablets and phones, and synchronised across devices throughout the day.

nsp divider 2

Perhaps the greatest praise that we received at Ticket Tailor was the absence of any mention of ticketing by students, who were free to enjoy several days of well planned, well-funded and very impressive events.

tom guy“Ticket Tailor saved us a lot of money and a lot of time this year. National Student Pride 2015 was our hugely popular 10th anniversary, and, as most students will tell you, it went brilliantly.”

Tom Guy - President: National Student Pride

How CoLab Theatre Sell Tickets Online


At Ticket Tailor, we aim to provide the best online ticketing service that we can. We want to help our clients sell tickets online and make the experience as simple, yet effective for them as possible. With great features such as MailChimp integration, auto-hiding tickets and Facebook integration, we provide an online ticketing service that works for you.

When it comes to telling you about the benefits of the services that we offer, who is better placed than our clients? Bertie Watkins of CoLab Theatre shared with us why they use TIcket Tailor to sell tickets online.

Sell tickets online

Bertie, what can we expect from a CoLab Theatre production?

"We want to create completely new, exciting and unique experiences for our audiences to live in. Using technology, our mission is to create fun and engaging experiences for absolutely everyone, utilising locations around London, we strive to bring them alive using old, new and borrowed stories.

We create experiences that people have never gone through before. We push the boundaries, not of people’s inhabitations but how far we can take them into other worlds. We create new and exciting shows with some of the countries most exciting playwrights, producers, directors and actors. Collaboration is key and we are keen to continue to grow with the country's best creative minds and companies. With a growing network of collaboration, CoLab will continue to make the best work possible.

We strive to create experiences you will never forget - this is CoLabs mission."

CoLab Theatre combines technology with theatre for an immersive experience. What was the inspiration behind that?

"It started out by wanting to make audiences into characters within the narrative we're telling them. Audiences are changing with new styles of theatre. They're investing so much more and I thought it would be fantastic to try and create a way to give them more agency within a narrative. It means they can go from being a passive audience member to becoming an active (or passive if they choose) member of the story.

Obviously it's a massive challenge, particularly as you need to have live audiences to really try new things with. Luckily it's an incredibly fun process to have and technology makes it much easier.

Sell tickets onlineMobile technology is such a fantastic, advanced tool that we are all completely competent at using. We use them every day and they are almost essential to every day life. So why should we turn them off to see a show? Why shouldn't we transform them into weapons to gain more narrative? Our ultimate aim with technology is to seamlessly integrate it into theatre so people don't even necessarily notice when they're being fed narrative live in front of them or through a screen. They should both be working in tandem to compliment each other."

What events have you got coming up?

"We have a lot going on this year.

Unfortunately we've got a lot of shows that we are cannot speak about yet as they're 'top secret' - ironically they're spy shows...

However we are allowed to talk about The Exchange - following on from the Fifth Column, the Exchange reveals to the audiences an invisible war between the ETF and Astra. It pioneers our new form of theatre - Action Theatre. Audience pit themselves against the ETF and try bring them down from within. It's going to be a massive amount of fun."

Sell tickets online

How has Ticket Tailor helped you sell tickets online?

"Ticket Tailor has been the exact ticketing website I've been looking for ever since becoming a producer. The best thing about it is the customer service. Even if there is a problem, you know it will be solved quickly. It's incredibly easy to use and the dashboard has all the information you need right in front of you. I couldn't be happier with a ticketing system.

Finally, the most important thing it is that it's fair. The pricing means that smaller companies like CoLab can create a show and not sting or be stung by ever increasing booking fees."

Find out more about CoLab Theatre and their unique productions on their website.

We pride ourselves on our customer service so it's great to hear that our clients know how hard we work for them. It's important for us to provide a fair pricing structure for events of all shapes and sizes: from small corporate events to festivals, Ticket Tailor is here for you.

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How Edinburgh Yarn Festival Sell Tickets Online


At Ticket Tailor, we aim to provide the best ticketing experience that we can. When it comes to telling you about the benefits of the service that we offer, who better to tell than our clients? The Edinburgh Yarn Festival is in its second year, this year it's being held at Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 14th and 15th March.


Here's what Mica, co-founder of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival has to say:

Tell us about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival

"This is the second Edinburgh Yarn Festival, hosted for the first time in 2015 in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, to accommodate even more exciting exhibitors and visitors for this popular event. Whether it's knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving or felting, there will be something of interest for all yarn and textile enthusiasts.

Come and join our festival of colour and texture. Buy wonderful materials and tools for a timeless craft, learn a new skill and make new friends whilst attending Scotland's biggest urban knitting and crochet event!"

What can we expect from this year's event?

"Our vision for 2015 is to create a 'Yarn-Lovers' Dream Department Store for a Weekend.'Hand-picked exhibitors from all over the UK and beyond, are invited to show-off and sell the most luxurious and interesting products and supplies the Yarn Industry has to offer. The event will be of equal interest for the complete beginner to the internationally recognised knitwear-designer."


How has Ticket Tailor Helped Your Ticket Sales?"

"We like the fact that Ticket Tailor has a predictable pricing structure and highly configurable confirmation emails. Also, the fact that we could integrate Mailchimp and Facebook very easily was a bonus. Exporting the door-lists will make our life easy on the day. The support staff is responsive and helpful. We will certainly use Ticket Tailor again!"

The Ticket Tailor and Facebook integration is, as Mica says, a great feature and a useful marketing tool.

You can buy general admission tickets for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, workshop tickets and also tickets for the CaBAAret!

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How The Lisbon Beat Boat Sell Tickets Online


What can we expect from Lisbon Beat Boat?

The Lisbon Beat Boat is a series of curated boat parties, attracting a great crowd of people with renowned international DJ’s on a huge caravel in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities: Lisbon. Their team shares a burning passion for their events and pride themselves on having one goal: to give you the time of your life on their Beat Boat. Beat Boat is organized by three German guys, who claim this is the only time you will meet a group of Germans with the sole task of making you happy. See you on the boat!


How Ticket Tailor Transformed their Ticket Selling

Website Integration

Lisbon Beat Boat are an excellent example of how integrating the Ticket Tailor widget onto your website can maximise ticket sales. It is a smooth and transparent integration that allows you to keep your customers on your website, driving traffic to your pages. The whole buying process is executed in your own website design!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.18.38

Multiple Ticket Types

Using different ticket types Lisbon Beat Boat are able to sell "Early Bird" tickets, "General Admission" and "Group" tickets. Ticket Tailor allows you to add multiple ticket types easily and swiftly.

Don't just listen to us...

Here’s what the guys from Lisbon Beat Boat had to say about Ticket Tailor:

“Ticket Tailor is with no doubt the best ticketing provider in the world which offers a simple monthly fee and does not try to make more money if your event goes well.”

Check out Lisbon Beat Boat's website for all up and coming events.

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