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Bullseyehub – The smart way to promote your events online

Promoting an event online is a time consuming process and there is so much to think about. To have maximum impact, you’ll have to post your listings on event sites, try to keep track of your email and SMS campaigns and maybe write updates for Facebook, Twitter and other social netoworking sites, among other things. All this takes time and keeping on top of it all is a difficult task.

If this sounds all too familiar, you will be pleased to hear about Bullseyehub – a smarter way to reach your customers online. Within one system Bullseyehub provide a whole bunch of useful tools to make online promotion easy, quick and more effective. Once you bring your ticket selling in-house with Ticket Tailor, it can be nice to have a helping hand with event promotions to ensure you maximise ticket sales.

So what does it have to offer?

  • Event broadcast submits your event to 40+ listing sites. You just need to enter your event details once, click a button and you are away. This increases your audience and also helps out with your natural search listings. Be sure to include you ticket links with your listings and this will be circulated across the web and help to drive ticket sales.
  • Email and SMS campaign management enables you to create, send and track your email and SMS campaigns. It also allows you to build a mobile web page for your event with polls and maps.
  • Social networking tools allow you to create all of your twitter and facebook updates for the week in one go and to schedule when they should be posted. Any retweets and replies are then automatically monitored.

All this saves a load of time. Now add their analytics on top and you can get a clear picture of how effective your campaigns are and understand more about your customers.

We recommend Bullseyehub. Not only will it save you loads of time and effort, but it works really well alongside Ticket Tailor. Just as Ticket Tailor makes it easy to take your ticketing in-house, Bullseyehub does the same with event promotion.

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How onswitch sell tickets online.

Onswitch are a company that offer market research, training, mystery shopping, business consultancy, marketing and project management. Recently they launched a training bus which travels around the country wehere people can buy tickets, board the bus and take part in the course. However they had a few special requirements that Ticket Tailor could help out with.

Avoid admin and paper
When selling tickets they wanted to avoid as much admin and paper as possible especially as they have an in-house challenge of being paperless within 12 months. As Ticket Tailor is a pre-built system that handles the administration involved of taking orders and only deals with e-tickets it already ticked the boxes.

Reward the early birds
Tickets go on sale months before the course takes place and onswitch wanted to reward customers who buy early with cheaper tickets. We set them up with discounts that deduct a certain percentage based on how early in advance they purchased the tickets. If a customers purchases a ticket 6 months in advance they can save £50, 5 months in advance saves £40, and so on.

Airline-style boarding pass
As a nice touch to their customers they wanted everybody who bought tickets to be issued with an airline-style boarding pass. We customised Ticket Tailor for them to ask for names of each ticket holder. When they complete their order the names and event details are used to create a unique board pass for each customer and emailed to the customer.

We also customised the ticket buying process to match their website to provide a seamless booking experience for their customers.

Now onswitch have a fantastic booking system that works exactly how they want it to without having to commission and support a bespoke system. Here’s what they have to say about using Ticket Tailor:

“When we contacted the staff at Ticket Tailor and explained our requirements we were pleased that the flexibility we required could be delivered all within a 2 week window.

“Because we like to be unique we requested Airline style boarding pass to be issued to our clients as an entry ticket ………..even this was no problem to Ticket Tailor and was delivered all within the 2 weeks as promised.

“We are extremely pleased with the support and service provided by TicketTailor that we would not hesitate to recommend the solutions to others.”

Donald Lambert, OnSwitch Ltd

If you are interested in selling tickets online with a platform that be customised to work the way you do, get in touch on +44 (0)207 193 7027 or click here to sign up for an account.

How the Brickhouse sell tickets online

Buy Tickets Page on The BrickhouseThe Brickhouse is a popular restaurant and cabaret club based on Brick Lane Shoreditch with a jam-packed events diary.

They were the first of many to start using Ticket Tailor to sell tickets online without booking fees. They now have a ticket system tightly integrated with their website and facebook page.

Website widget
Their ticket listings are automatically updated on their home page using the website widget tool. This means whenever they put an event on sale using Ticket Tailor it automatically updates on their home page.

Customised ticket pages
We have customised the ticket pages for the Brickhouse so it looks exactly like their website. Although Ticket Tailor manages the booking process, customers don’t realise they have left the Brickhouse website.

Facebook integration
The Brickhouse use their facebook page to promote their events and our application keeps this up to date too. After the adding the application to a page a “Buy Tickets” tab appears with all the events on sale.

“We are using Ticket Tailor and it works really well. This is mainly down the fact that you can keep the booking fee and are in total control of selling tickets, particularly useful if you put on multiple events week in, week out.”
Richard Buller, The Brickhouse

To see what events the Brickhouse have coming up, check out their website at

If you are interested in selling tickets online with all these tools and zero booking fees get in touch on +44 (0)207 193 7027 or click here to sign up for an account.

Improve your ticketing for 2011

New year is approaching so it’s time to start thinking about those ambitious resolutions. The new year is a great time to start fresh, try something new and generally set out plans to make 2011 better than 2010.

We’ve got a suggestion to add to your list of new things to try which we think will improve 2011 for you: Try using Ticket Tailor to sell your tickets and cut out the middle man.

The premise of Ticket Tailor is that we don’t charge any booking fees and let you keep any fees that you set. This then increases your profits. Before Ticket Tailor this would have meant commissioning the build of an expensive online box office and then have the infrastructure in place to host and maintain it. Well we do all this for you and just charge a small monthly fee.

In addition to the ticket selling, order management and entry software we also give you tools to help you promote your events and integrate the ticket buying into your website.

It all sounds pretty good huh? Well all you have to do is take the risk of giving us a try. If January is a relatively quiet for your business then there really is no better time. In fact, why not try it for free until the end of Jan; just email us the promotional code JanMeDo to after you have signed up.

If you have any questions or would like some help getting started, give us a call on 0845 519 6961 or email

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Selling tickets online: our top tips

Selling TicketsYou have organised an event. You’ve booked the venue, booked the dj or band and have even distributed fliers and put up posters advertising the event. However, unless you have put efforts into maximising pre-sales, you’ll have very little idea in the before the event how successful your event will be. You may have hoards of people queuing round the corner on the night to buy tickets on the door or your event may flop, leaving you with an empty room, a pissed off dj and a big hole in your pocket. This note seeks to give some ideas about how you can maximise your pre-sales and kick-start your event.

1. Offer incentives to buy early
Unless you event is definitely going to sell out, their should be an incentive for people to buy early. Not many people will buy tickets before hand if they can get in for the same price on the day. A couple of pounds savings or some added extras will give people the incentive they need to buy in advance.

2. List it everywhere with links to tickets
There are loads of free listings websites and you should try and list your event on all the relevant ones. Make sure you include a link to your tickets page so people can click through direct from the listing. You should also contact any websites affiliated with your event and make sure they have the correct ticket links too.

3. Capture and contact your audience
You can collect email addresses from your customers through a ticket sales data, a website sign-up form and asking your customers for their emails at events. Send your customers newsletters only when it’s relevant and interesting to them and always include links to where they can buy their tickets. If you contact them too often they will become frustrated and unsubscribe and you will lose them forever.

4. Build up your fan-base online
Create a Facebook page about your events. Incentivize people to become Fans when contacting them. Offer them the possibility of prizes or ticket discounts if they become Fans. When you have some interesting news, post this via your page and it will appear in you fans news feeds.

5. Find your event online and contribute
People may be talking about your event on forums, or groups of friends may have created event pages about it on a social network for a meetup. Do a quick Google for your event and add links to tickets wherever you find it. This can be very effective as you already have a captive audience. You can also use these channels to publish any exciting news about the event or answer any queries about your event. Bookmark these pages and check back after the event too to see how your customers enjoyed the event.

6. Get some reps
You may know some individuals or societies who attend your events. Arm them with links to share with their friends who might be interested in going. You can track how well their links are doing and reward them with cash or free tickets.

7. Make your website clear
Have something on the home page that directs people to tickets. You don’t want these links to be hidden away as you may miss out on sales and frustrate your customers who are looking to buy tickets.