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New Feature Announcement: Auto-hiding Tickets

When you’re planning an event, you’ve got your hands full and time is precious. The last thing you want to do is to have to login to put tickets on and off sale. That’s why we’ve introduced our new time-saving feature: Auto-hiding tickets.

You can now “Auto-hide” tickets based on three options:

1. Hide until a set date and time
2. Hide after a set date and time
3. Hide when the tickets are sold out

Synchronise your ticket buyers with MailChimp

Whether it’s sending a reminder about the upcoming show or promoting the upcoming calendar of events, keeping in touch with ticket buyers is an important part of every event organisers job.

MailChimp is a great email marketing tool that’s used by many event organisers. It enables you to design and send out email campaigns to your mailing lists.

Sell tickets with WordPress

We are pleased to announce that our WordPress plugin has now gone live on the WordPress plugin directory.

If you want to sell tickets via your WordPress site, simply add our plugin. Then you can embed your box office in to any of your pages or blog posts with a simple snippet of text accessible from the Ticket Tailor control panel.

Learn more about in our help article:

Sell tickets directly from your website

Great news! We’ve just introduced website widgets that allow you to sell tickets online direct from your website. The customer can go through the checkout process without leaving you site, and all you need to set it up is  a couple of lines of code.

See the example below:

Now live: Sell tickets online with Stripe

Update: Our Stipe integration is now live.

We are excited to announce that we will soon enable you to sell tickets using the Stripe payment system in addition or instead of PayPal.

If you haven’t heard of Stripe, it’s a new way for you to collect money online. Here are the headlines:

New Feature: Improved Facebook App

In a world dominated by social media, it’s important that your guests are able to get tickets via their favourite social websites. With the Ticket Tailor Facebook app, a ‘Buy Tickets’ tab is added to your Facebook page so people can buy tickets instantly.

New Feature: Ticket Grouping Quantities

Over here at Ticket Tailor HQ, we’ve been working hard to make our system even better. We’re proud to announce our new feature that we hope makes an event organisers life just that little bit easier.

With our system, you can now set a selling quantity for a group of tickets.

Guestlist management made easy (and free)

Not every event needs to sell tickets in advance.  You may have an event which is free or you may want people to pre-register and then pay on the door when they arrive at the event.  If this is the case, running an on-line guestlist is a great way to go.

It’s great for the ticket buyers because they know they are on the list and will be able to get in.  It’s also great for the event organisers because they have an idea of numbers and can collect contact details to engage with their customers.

Now it’s possible to run your guestlists from Ticket Tailor and best of all it’s totally free.  Sign up for the basic package and when adding tickets to your event just tick the box that says “Free ticket / guestlist”.  You get all the benefits of our door-lists, data exports, customisable emails and SMS notifications as well as keeping all your events in one place.  You can also run guestlists alongside events you sell tickets for.

New features

We have been busy here at Ticket Tailor HQ, listening to your feedback and getting updates in place.  Recently we have put quite a few things live, so here’s a round-up:

Export door-lists as spreadsheets
You can now export your door-list as an on-line printout or a spreadsheet download and you can arrange the list by e-ticket or name.  It’s still possible to filter by tickets purchased as before.

Export customer data
Up until now we have manually provided customer data as CSVs on request.  Now we have a tool that allows you to export the data whenever.  You can select the fields you are interested in and filter by ticket types.  To export customer data for an event, go to your event via the control panel, click “Orders”, and then click “Export customer data”.  This can be useful for your own marketing or contacting your customers with event notices.

Upload event flyers
When adding or editing an event you may have noticed a new tool to upload event flyers.  This will add the flyer to your event page.  Pretty useful in itself but we have bigger plans for these to come.

Custom order email confirmations
You can now create your own email confirmation messages.  This can be very useful for situations where you need to provide additional event information such as directions or agenda.  Our system allows you add place-holders for specific customer information such as their name or e-ticket code.  To change the default for all of your events go to “Settings”, “Customisation”, and select “Define a custom email” from the drop-down under “Order confirmation email”.  To override this email for specific events, just go to the event, click “Edit details” and select “Define a custom email” from the drop-down under “Order confirmation email” as before.

We have got loads more useful new features planned too so we’ll keep you updated as they come.