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How to Sell Tickets Online

Whether you’re hosting a one-off music festival or a weekly club night, offering ticket sales via your website is a proven way to boost attendence.

In fact, in this day and age, online ticket sales is something that your customers will expect and demand — from their point of view, buying online is far more convenient than having to track down a brick-and-mortar box office.

If you’re looking to sell tickets online, Ticket Tailor is one of the premier ticketing solutions, with thousands of event organisers already using our easy-to-use service. A quick snapshot of benefits of using Ticket Tailor include:

How Starting a Blog Can Sell Tickets

Content rules the Internet — it’s powerful stuff.

If you’re looking to sell more tickets from your website, producing great content is a great place to start. This is why so many successful event websites run a dedicated blog.

Now, the number of tickets you sell from your website will be a function of the amount of traffic you send to it, and your conversion rate.

Some activities target one or the other, but the best thing about a blog: it boosts both.

This means your blog can sell substantially more tickets — and remember, your event will live or die by the number of tickets sold.

Want to know why a blog is so effective? Read on!

How to Take Ticket Deposits

Some of your customers might be interested in attending your event, but unwilling to pay the face value of the ticket upfront. There could be a number of reasons for this: convenience, uncertainty of availability, cash flow problems, etc.

The solution to this problem is to allow customers to pay a deposit, then settle the balance at a later date.

9 Elements of a Successful Event Website

Every event needs a website.

Whether you’re working on a local or national scale, or hosting events ranging from charity fundraiser to music festival, a website is the absolute minimum requirement.

After all, where do you think people will go to find information about your event, or even buy tickets?

Of course, getting your website right is easier said than done. After looking at countless websites for well-established events from around the world, we’ve narrowed down the nine core elements of a successful event website.

Sell tickets free!

When you search for “Sell tickets free” online you get a whole load of companies all saying “Our service is free”. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that what they really mean is that they will pass their fees on to your customers in the form of booking fees. If you tot up these fees, you will see that they amount to rather a lot of money.

A cheaper alternative to Eventbrite

Hey, welcome to the Ticket Tailor blog. Ticket Tailor offers an online ticket selling system with a difference: we don’t charge any per-ticket fees, and instead a predictable low monthly fee. If you are new round here, check out our home page.

We think Eventbrite is cool. It has a load of great features and has done a lot to disrupt an old-fashioned ticketing industry. But Eventbrite is expensive and those fees can really add up.

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Private Party Tickets Online

Customer information from tickets sold for private parties should be kept just that – private. Ticket Tailor, unlike many ticket agencies, doesn’t use your customer data for our own purposes. That means your customers will never receive promotional literature from us – that would be unfair. The same applies when you sell tickets for any event using Ticket Tailor.

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Tourist Attraction Tickets Online

Tourists want great value, convenient tickets, right? That’s why Ticket Tailor offers a smart version for on the move selling, complete with optional SMS tickets. Listings are also search engine optimised to help your attraction catch the attention of tourists and cut through the noise of the web.

Each customer is sent a short, unique e-ticket code via email (which has customisable text), and payments are paid directly to your PayPal.

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Theatre Tickets Online

You’re putting on the best show since Grease and you need to sell theatre tickets online in the best way possible. So when you’re considering given a huge chunk of your revenue to ticketing agencies, consider how much you can save with Ticket Tailor.

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Conference Tickets Online

Ticket Tailor doesn’t charge a single penny in per-ticket fees as these can certainly add up when you have hundreds or even thousands of attendees.

Furthermore – whether you’re selling tickets for conferences or selling tickets for business events – you keep all your delegates information, we don’t keep or use any of it.