Ticketing required to safely open churches whilst social distancing measures remain

Many churches and places of worship have had to close their doors for the first time in centuries. Two World Wars didn’t manage to stop worshipers, but unfortunately with social distancing measures and the lockdown taking hold, churches could no longer safely open.

Church tickting

That hasn’t stopped people continuing to engage with their religions and connect with their communities. According to one study 24% of all UK adults have tuned into a virtual religious service since lockdown started.

However, with new cases around the world dropping and lockdown measures beginning to ease, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples are starting to consider how they can open safely, with social distancing procedures and regulations being met.

As Bishops, Imams, Rabbis and Priests begin to consider their plans, it’s becoming clearer that online ticketing is going to play a crucial role in helping places of worship reopen safely. The Guardian has reported that this is a key part of the strategy for how churches are convincing the government in the UK that they can open safely.

There are various reasons why ticketing is seen as the safest and most logical solution for supporting places of worship reopen.

  1. Churches will have to limit capacity in order to maintain social distancing

  2. Churches are likely to run more frequent services so everyone has the opportunity of attending

  3. Churches won’t want to have to turn people away at the door if the service is full

  4. Designated seating will make the process of people getting seated safer and quicker

  5. Churches will be able to manage capacity and communicate with their congregation easily

  6. Online ticketing will give governments and communities reassurances that they are making an effort to keep people safe

Though, the reasons for using online ticketing are compelling, many places of worship may not be used to such platforms and may not have enough resource to implement a solution.

Ticket Tailor is launching a bespoke ticketing solution for churches and places of worship to guide them through the online ticketing experience. It’s low cost, simple to use and comes with all our normal perks such as great customer experience and a friendly team.

Ticket Tailor church ticketing offers churches a simple process for getting their services online as quickly as possible.

  1. Create an account on Ticket Tailor

  2. Provide us with basic information on your church seating plan and layout

  3. We’ll build you a bespoke seating plan and add it to your account

  4. You add the services, times and other details for your congregation (e.g. social distancing guidelines once in the building)

  5. Share the link with your community and add to your website

  6. Attendees find a time that suits them and reserve a place for that particular service

  7. Attendees arrive at the church with confirmation of their designated seat on their smart phone or print out and find the respective seat

  8. Ticket Tailor offers weekend customer support in case of any questions on a Sunday

Ticket Tailor’s seating is smart and flexible to allow for individuals, couples and families to sit next to each other, with 2 meter gaps only where required. For example, family rows can be added which means families of up to 6 people can all sit next to each other. This safely maximises capacity of any given service and provides a more familiar and experience for children.

Our church package starts at just £100/$130 per church and includes the following:

  • Training webinar on how to use Ticket Tailor specifically for churches

  • Bespoke build of seating chart (if needed) and first 100 seat reservations

  • Setup of you first week of services

  • No Ticket Tailor fee for donations
    (small fee charged by payment provider e.g. Stripe / PayPal)

  • Round the clock and weekend customer support

  • Your dedicated listings registration page

  • If using seating chart, additional reservations are charged at £0.16 / $0.20 each

  • Local VAT charged on all fees where applicable

If you would like support with your church ticketing then please contact us here.