Best comparison sites for event ticketing platforms

You wouldn’t choose a venue for your event without researching it first, so naturally you’ll want to do the same when it comes to picking the best possible online ticketing platform for your needs. With giants like Eventbrite often meaning you have to give up too much of your precious profits to hefty fees (especially with its recent addition of an ‘Organiser Fee’), it really does pay to shop around and ticketing alternatives that may work better for your needs.


It’s not all about finding the cheapest alternative to larger ticket sellers, either. Other factors that are crucial to the success of your event include things like the quality of the platform’s customer support, which can play a huge role in both your own experience and that of the people you’re selling to. The platform’s user-friendliness, features like mobile ticketing and its ability to integrate with your website are other key considerations.

Starting to feel like a bit of a minefield? It needn’t be. The good news is that there are plenty of really thorough, impartial comparison sites out there that can help you garner all the info you need before making a decision. Here are what we think are the top five:

  1. offers really easy-to-digest comparison tables of a range of leading ticketing platforms, focusing first on price differences and then going into the pros and cons of each tool. We particularly like its ability to input your ‘average ticket price’ and then ‘average annual ticket sales’, which enables you to compare the total overall cost of using each platform. This can be more useful than other comparison sites which only let you compare prices on a more generalised basis. They also have some great ready-made blog posts specifically helping event organisers decide on which ticketing platform to use.

  2. Capterra
    Capterra is one of the most trusted comparison sites out there, offering not only customer reviews but condensed information about each platform too. It lets you easily scan key features of a wide range of ticketing platforms, as well as providing some broader information on pricing. One particularly handy feature is its ability to let you compare up to four platforms directly against each other. For example, you could select Ticket Tailor and Eventbrite to do a direct comparison of just those two platforms, or you could add another one or two into the mix to do a wider compare and contrast.

  3. G2
    G2 is a super-comprehensive comparison site that offers extensive customer review-based ratings of each platform’s range of features. These include everything from ease of admin to quality of support, through to event creation and social media support. It’s a great choice if you’re running a large scale event or long term series of events, as it really lets you get into the nitty gritty of the different platforms’ offerings. While it may all look a little overwhelming at first, you’ll soon find that the site’s handy filters and a list of categories streamline the process of navigating from one comparison point to another.

  4. Trustpilot
    Pretty much everyone’s heard of Trustpilot, and its ratings and reviews carry serious weight in the comparison world. The site focuses solely on actual reviews rather than key features, though, so it’s best to use in conjunction with another comparison site. Having said that, we still think it’s a really important one to include on your list because it’ll give you real, honest insights into the pros and cons of the ticketing platforms you’re researching. 

  5. GetApp 
    Again, GetApp provides tons of information about a vast range of ticketing platforms, which is broken down into easy-to-digest bullet points. It also tends to give longer, more in-depth write-ups of tools and platforms than other comparison sites, making for a really thorough research experience. Plus, you’re able to browse comprehensive customer reviews, giving you a full and honest view of the platforms you’re canvassing. And finally, GetApp lets you compare up to four platforms against one another in table format, so you can quickly make a judgement based on their key features. 

  6. Product Hunt

    We love this comparison platform for its ultra-simple, user-friendly interface which feels really uncluttered and easy to whizz around. You can quickly flick from product overview to reviews, product launches, team info, and awards, giving you an excellent insight into each platform’s core credentials. We especially like the tech stack overview provided by Product Hunt, which shows you which technologies each ticketing platform is built and integrated with. This can be really useful if you want to see at a glance if, say, a ticketing platform allows you to integrate your events with LinkedIn, Facebook or another social media platform. All-in-all a very simple, effective comparison site that doesn’t overwhelm you with complicated scoring systems or information-overload.

  7. Google reviews

    While you probably wouldn’t use Google Reviews alone as a comparison tool – it’s a brilliant string to add to your research bow once you’ve whittled things down to a handful of options. Nothing quite beats hearing about the real-life experiences of those people who use these platforms day-in-day-out – which can help you determine which site feels like a great fit for you, personally.

Of course, at Ticket Tailor we’re confident in our belief that we’re one of the absolute best ticketing platforms out there, which reviews on the above comparison sites will support. We pride ourselves in not only being much cheaper to use than most other tools, but on our outstanding customer service too. We understand that making your event the best it can be involves a lot of careful thought, though, which is why we’re the first ones to say it’s wise to do your research before diving into anything. It goes without saying that we hope to see you back here when it’s time to get selling!