Client spotlight: Berlin's jaw dropping art and sound installation, DARK MATTER, now live on Ticket Tailor

DARK MATTER Berlin went live on Ticket Tailor in May 2021 and since then has seen huge demand for their new exhibition space. The DARK MATTER team is benefitting from our time slot ticketing solution, perfect for museums, galleries, tours and attractions. Further to that, we worked hard with the team to make various German language updates to ensure that local ticket buyers could easily navigate the Ticket Tailor check-out experience.

We took some time to speak to DARK MATTER’s ticketing guru, Sophio Gachechiladze, about launching a new exhibition space and how they are using Ticket Tailor’s solution to navigate the local Covid restrictions.

Can you tell us about the Dark Matter experience you have just launched?

DARK MATTER is the new project of light artist Christopher Bauder and his team. It is a parallel cosmos of expansive light installations, in which the boundaries between the real and the digital world become blurred.

At our venue, visitors embark on a journey through seven partially interactive exhibits. Light, movement and sound merge into graceful choreographies of luminous shapes and colours.

Is this the first exhibition like this you have run, or have there been similar in the past?

We ran several exhibitions with multidimensional works all around the world — however, these were always temporary and with only one big installation. DARK MATTER Berlin is planned to be here for a long period of time and will continue to show seven installations in one location.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 14.48.26.png

How have you had to adapt the event due to Covid?

We've really had to adapt; developing several hygiene concepts to prepare and be ready for all possible scenarios, we implemented a one-way-route system and launched our ticket sales online in accordance with all the Covid regulations. Overall, the biggest challenge and limitation up to this point is the very restricted amount of people allowed on-site at any one time.

What is demand like in Berlin for getting back to live events?

Berlin is known for its cultural diversity, iconic attractions and buzzing lifestyle. We went through strict lockdowns and the entire cultural scene was shut down. It is safe to say that everyone is eager to be able to attend cultural events. There is certainly no shortage of exhibitions and venues in Berlin but DARK MATTER is a very unique project so it very quickly became one of the favourite, must-see places to thousands of people already. We are already completely sold out for June!

What is the vision for DARK MATTER once all restrictions have lifted?

We aim to establish DARK MATTER as a space of light and sound experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. We really appreciate and love seeing visitors absolutely blown away by our installations. Once all restrictions are lifted we will be able to gift this experience to people from all over the world. We’re looking forward to taking everyone with us on the journey through light, space and sound.

Why did you end up deciding to use Ticket Tailor?

As mentioned before, we have organised events before and have sold thousands of tickets all over the world. For our DARK MATTER project we were searching for a reliable platform, and wanted to team up with with a ticketing service accommodating not just our needs, but also of our ticket buyers; providing us with secure, flexible options for our box office whilst maintaining the best conditions available currently on the market. Ticket Tailor delivers it all.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us Sophio! Click here to purchase a ticket for DARK MATTER Berlin. Want to sell tickets for your own museum or gallery — learn more here.