Client Spotlight: London Dog Week

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In our client spotlight series we highlight interesting events and the people behind them. Get in touch if you would like to apply to take part.

Lola and Alfie (the office dogs at Ticket Tailor) have been complaining that we don’t cover enough dog related events on our blog, so when we saw that the amazing London Dog Week is using Ticket Tailor to sell tickets online we had to get them on the blog. We spoke with Aneka, one of the founders of LDW, to find out what it’s all about.

What is London Dog Week?

London Dog Week is the first dedicated Dog Week in the world! A week long schedule of events and initiatives for dog owners, dog super fans and the pets industry. We have anything from dog fashions shows, lunch’s for paw-rents and their fur-kids, treat-boxes and MOT’s for office dogs, sausage dog events, dog and owner bootcamps, workplace doggy wellness events and much more! We are inviting all Londoner’s to come and celebrate with us and our capitals furry friends.

How did it begin?

Lois and I met on instagram, and decided to meet and see how we could work together. We met and realised we had so much in common and after our second meeting and over a bowl a soup London Dog Week was co-founded! We decided to do LDW in August, started working on it in September and announced that “London Dog Week was coming” in November, so we have pretty much planned the week in 6 months!

What is the best thing about attending LDW?

There is something for everyone. If you are into over the top pooch parties we have something for you and if you love a good discussion about being a pet parent, we also have something for you too! We have really looked at how we can provide a great dog centric experience for all.

Do you have a top tip for other event organisers out there?

We would say utilise social media and talk authentically to your audience. It’s all about being authentically passionate about your event, this is what people resonate with.

What was it about Ticket Tailor that made it a good choice for selling tickets online?

Your fee based service instead of a commission of each ticket was definitely a deciding factor , particularly being in our first year and budgets are limited.

What is your favourite thing about the Ticket Tailor service?

It’s easy to use and straight forward.

If you can suggest an improvement to Ticket Tailor, what would it be?

It would be great for it to connect more effectively to social media platforms.

Thank you Aneka! LDW sounds amazing and we can’t wait to check it out. We are thrilled you chose Ticket Tailor for your events and for sharing your thoughts with our blog readers.

London Dog Week takes place on the 24th - 31st March 2019. Find out more and buy tickets from their website.