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Event marketing: 6 incredible free image sources with a difference

In this article, we list 6 incredible sources for free images that will genuinely make your event marketing stand out. 

a group of people on a beach

In the not-so-distant past, free stock images were just expected to be a bit naff. Cheesy photos of scenarios that felt the opposite of authentic were the norm in much marketing collateral. Luckily, today, there’s a new era of stock imagery dawning. In this article, we list 6 incredible sources for free images that will genuinely make your event marketing stand out. 

Why is it important to use great images for your event marketing?

Studies show the importance of using strong imagery in marketing. Not only do images help people retain information better, they enable you to tell your brand story in an engaging, dynamic way. In today’s social media-obsessed world, consumers are bombarded with a huge amount of imagery every day. This really can lead to a feeling of desensitisation – especially with regards to that below-par stock imagery we referred to earlier. It’s for this reason that using unique and interesting pictures is so important. It’s the thing that will capture people’s attention, rather than seeing them just keep on scrolling.

Best sources for genuinely amazing free images in 2020


a group of people on a beach

StockSnap provides a hub of genuinely brilliant photography that spans a huge range of categories. The site prides itself on breaking the traditional stock imagery mould with a really diverse selection of beautiful photos, curated from around the web. They also upload images from a select group of photographers in their own network. Every single image is free, falling under a CCO license that means you can use them as you wish. There’s no need to attribute, but the site kindly asks that you do if it’s possible. 

Head to StockSnap >


a group of dolls sitting on a window sill

Gratisography couldn’t be further from a traditional stock image site if it tried. It’s whimsical, quirky and delightfully original – and that’s all thanks to its founder, photographer Ryan McGuire’s own artistic vision. “Different is what we do best,” the Gratisography site declares, and boy is it. Expect the weird, the wonderful, and the totally unique among this collection – providing a wicked glimpse into Ryan’s own imagination, as well as a surefire way for your event to stand out. All photos are 100% free to download and use as you wish.

Head to Gratisography > 


aerial view of a landscape

Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter showcases his mind-blowing work via this beautiful photography hub. Images are stunning works of art in their own right, with themes including awe-inspiring, imposing nature as well as more abstract concepts. This is photography at its finest, and all images are free to use as long as credit is provided. We think these images would work particularly well for events around yoga and meditation.

Head to Superfamous > 

Death to Stock

“Creative block is the enemy,” declares this unique, very-not ‘stocky’ image site. It also confirms that its mission is to take back control over an internet that’s been crudely invaded with cheesy stock images for far too long. If that doesn’t sell Death to Stock, its vast array of beautiful work from genuine artists will. It’s $12 a month to subscribe to this site, but you’ll get access to tons of amazing images for that, which you can use as much as you want without paying royalties. Plus, if you’re looking to market a one-off event, they have a 14-day free trial that could be enough to serve your needs.

Head to Death to Stock >


a close up of a plant

Picjumbo is the project of photographer and artist, Viktor Hanacek, who created the image site out of a passion for defying stereotypes. There’s a vast array of categories to browse on Picjumbo, with images feeling just that bit edgier than the traditional stock approach. What’s great about Viktor is that he’s also a talented web designer, so he truly understands the digital landscape in relation to photography. All images on Picjumbo are free to use – Viktor suggests attributing them if possible, but it’s not a necessity. 

Head to Picjumbo >

Life of Pix

a taxi on a street

As soon as you land on the Life of Pix site you get a feel for the impressive nature of this no-holds-barred free image source. Without even a hint of cliched photography in sight, this is the spin-off project of Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal, and oozes creativity and originality. For images that truly tell a story and capture the imagination, there aren’t many better collections out there. There are no copyright restrictions here, so you can use images as you will – completely free of charge. 

Head to Life of Pix >

After years of underwhelming stock photography taking over the web, it’s so refreshing to browse these innovative and creative image collections. Using photography from any one of these sites is sure to make your event marketing strike a chord, bringing you one step closer to the result that really matters – those all-important ticket sales.

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