Improving admin orders to save you time

Improved admin orders

After all of the creative thinking, event rescheduling, and moving to virtual events you’ve had to do during the pandemic, we want to ensure the ticketing side of things is as simple as possible 

You’ve told us that creating orders manually was a bit of a headache - so we’ve changed that.

When adding an order as admin via the dashboard, you can now skip all of the fields in an order (except for the name), to add new tickets to an event in a flash. No more typing out long email addresses when it’s not required.

This makes it much quicker, easier, and simpler to: 

  • Rebook tickets for buyers who booked the wrong date by accident. 

  • Add your orders taken over the phone. 

  • Issue complimentary tickets.

Learn more about creating a manual order in our help centre.