Are online quizzes here to stay?

When you consider the recent mid-pandemic rise of the virtual pub quiz, the phrase ‘couldn’t write it’ springs to mind. Especially when acknowledging that it’s become entirely normal to see celebs like Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry and Helen Mirren getting involved, or that ‘The Covid Arms’ is officially a thing. 

online quiz

Yes, we have a lot to thank online quiz-hosts for, who’ve been nothing short of socialisation saviours during lockdown living. But as we tentatively move towards the easing of quarantine measures, is the online quiz destined to fizzle out? Will sitting alone in Harry Potter fancy dress screaming “It’s Expelliarmus!” at our laptops become irrelevant as quickly as it became the new norm? The obvious answer would be yes. But we’re not so sure it’s as clear-cut as that. 

Sure, most of us are desperate to get back to our favourite watering holes, but we think online quizzes may have found a permanent place in our hearts, too. Here’s why:

They’ve broken down barriers around long-distance socialising 

The rise of the virtual quiz has broken down barriers around getting together via the internet, and we don’t see any reason this should have to stop post-pandemic. We keep hearing stories of people reconnecting with friends they hadn’t talked to or seen in years, and it’s all thanks to the rise of virtual socialising. Basically, because we’ve been forced to use the internet as our only means of connecting, many of us have woken up to the fact that there’s no reason we can’t have fun with our long-distance pals too. While a quick Facetime with friends on the other side of the planet was once the only way we kept in touch, we see a future where raucous quizzes that last into the wee hours will be as normal as hitting the local with your neighbours.

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They’re the stuff of dreams for the more introverted among us 

For those who find the prospect of leaving the comfort of their sofas only to stand in an over-crowded pub more stressful than relaxing, the rise of the virtual quiz has surely been a blessing. Essentially – now online socialisation has become ‘normal, more introverted folk finally have the chance to do things their way. 

We’re sure that there’ll be plenty of extroverted people who’ve discovered the beauty of a ‘night out in’, too, and will keep them up long after the lockdown ends. What’s not to love about going to the ‘pub’ in your PJs, after-all?

The possibilities are practically endless

At Ticket Tailor, we’ve not only seen a rise in online ticket sales for general quizzes, but have noticed more inventive events soar in popularity too. Like Quiztastic’s digital escape rooms, which sees attendees try to crack tricky missions using digital hints against the clock – and all in the name of charity, as well. 

Online quizzes that incorporate endless laughs from revered comedians have been rife, too, as well as those run by podcast heroes like Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates. A real-life pub quiz may benefit from taking place in an actual boozer, but can it claim to be headed up by Stephen Fry? 

They’re absolutely hilarious 

Is it just us, or does the act of supping on a homemade piña colada while setting your Zoom background to a Caribbean beach landscape while flying through a 90s music themed speed round make for side-splitting laughter and all-round giddiness? There’s just something fundamentally hilarious about online quizzing, which we can’t help but feel is hard to replicate in the hush-hush environment of a serious pub quiz. 

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Anyone can run one

It’s unlikely the majority of us will have considered putting ourselves up to be an actual pub quiz master over the course of our lives. But the beauty of the internet means anyone can give it a go with minimal effort. You may want to organise a cosy virtual gathering for just close friends, which can be done for free. Or perhaps you’re looking to run a thousand person-strong quiz for charity, in which case it’s easy to set up an event and sell tickets online. Either way – this could well be a whole new calling for you.

Nobody knew quite how the public would react to finding their favourite pubs and bars off-limits. And if someone told you we’d all be turning to virtual quizzing to cope, you may not even have believed them. But the truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction. Couldn’t write it? Don’t need to – the online quiz is part of the new reality we’re living in, and we think it’s here to stay.