Thank you for our biggest ever year of ticket sales

After the events industry had its most challenging year in living memory in 2020, we have been thrilled to see event creators the world over finding safe ways to bring their events back to their communities and customers in 2021.

Here at Ticket Tailor we love being part of a thriving events industry – our customers are a collection of entrepreneurs, businesses, charities, clubs, communities, schools and places of worship from across the globe, hosting a wide range of different events. We know that more ticket sales for our events means more of the world connecting with like-minded people, more funds raised for good causes and more revenue for small business owners; and now that we are committing to donate 1p for every ticket sold, it also means more money going towards some amazing climate causes.

To give you an idea of what the last few years have looked like we’ve created a chart to show how many tickets we have processed each month since January 2020.

During the worst months of the pandemic we were processing as little as 100k tickets a month, and now we are helping you process over 1m. It’s been quite a journey! By the end of 2021 we will have issued 6.6m paid tickets and 3.8m free tickets for 13,000 separate box offices. This equates to an enormous £170m ($225m) of ticket revenue being generated for our event organisers. That’s a lot of money in the pockets of creatives, charities and entrepreneurs around the world 🙌.

Ticketing your events across the globe

Though our HQ is based in London, UK we are proud to support events from all over the world and this year alone we helped you sell tickets for events in 132 countries.

Working with Stripe we have been able to add new payment methods to improve payments for your local ticket buyers. For example, we now have iDeal for ticket buyers in the Netherlands and Bancontact for ticket buyers in Belgium. Keep an eye out for new releases as we make it easier than ever for your ticket buyers to check out and pay for tickets.

Scaling support to give you a 5-star experience

More ticket sales and more box offices means we’re having more conversations with our event organisers and in 2021 that meant 20,010 new conservations which resulted in 60,260 replies from our support team.

We put a huge amount of importance on the speed and quality of our responses to ensure we are giving you the best possible service. We know that great customer support is a huge factor in picking your ticketing platform and we want to ensure that Ticket Tailor users get the best service in the business! Our median response time in 2021 has been an incredible 1m 23s and 94% of you rated your conversations as 'good' or 'excellent'. From 2022 we will be offering 24/7 support and we hope to continue to excel with our stats next year.

Thank you for sharing the love

To everyone that has left us a friendly review this year – thank you! As an independent business aiming to offer the lowest fees in the industry we try to spend as little on advertising as possible. A 5-star review from a happy customer is the gold dust that allows us to continue to grow.

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