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Our Q2 2023 donation summary and introducing our fourth charity partner

At Ticket Tailor, we believe that building a business isn't just about making profits but also about making the world a better place.

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Making a difference with every ticket sale

At Ticket Tailor, we believe that building a business isn't just about making profits but also about making the world a better place. That's why for every ticket sold on our platform, we contribute 1p (1.3c) to our climate-focused charity partners. 

In Q2 of 2023 that came to a whopping £28,439 ($36,578), taking our all time total to over £257,500! 

Introducing our fourth charity partner: Heal!

We began this initiative in 2021, partnering with three incredible charities: Ocean Conservation Trust, Rainforest Foundation UK, and Cumbria Wildlife Trust, to protect our oceans, rainforests and bogs. And we’re thrilled to announce that we are adding a new partner to the mix.

Keep reading to find out more about our four amazing charities, including our brand new partner: Heal!

Supporting the Greek Wildfires

From time to time we also give ad hoc donations to climate emergencies. So this August we chose to give an extra £2,500 ($3215.45) to Hellenic Initiative to support the Greek Wildfires.

Say hello to our wonderful climate charity partners

Ocean Conservation Trust

Through the work of Ocean Conservation Trust, your ticket sales are supporting the restoration and protection of seagrass, which is crucial in combating climate change as it stores large amounts of carbon. As of last month, thanks to your donations, the Ocean Conservation Trust were able to protect the entire of Torbay’s seagrass beds.

Rainforest Foundation UK

The Rainforest Foundation operates both locally, aiding forest communities in securing land rights, battling harmful industries, and preserving their environment and globally, campaigning to shape laws and policies safeguarding rainforests and their inhabitants. By selling your tickets through Ticket Tailor you’re supporting RFUK's tech-based initiatives, like mapping and reporting illegal logging, which help indigenous rainforest populations protect their environment. Read the latest success story here.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Your ticket sales have helped the Cumbria Wildlife Trust work in revitalising natural spaces, collaborating with nature to address the climate crisis, and supporting individuals to take grassroots steps for wildlife conservation. The Ticket Tailor team are heading up to Cumbria this September to volunteer on the Faulshaw Moss restoration project - make sure you’re following us on social media for more updates.

Introducing Heal Rewilding

Heal Rewilding, dubbed a 21st century climate solution is our newest charity partner. The charity launched in March 2020 with a mission to raise money, buy land and rewild it. Its purpose is to restore nature, tackle climate change and provide opportunities for improved human health and wellbeing. Heal plans to achieve this by acquiring and rewilding a site in every English county - with every one of your ticket sales helping to do this!

The charity is currently working hard to rewild its foundation site, Heal Somerset, which was acquired at the end of 2022. This 460-acre site is now open to the public, giving visitors the opportunity to come and see how nature is recovering.

Find out more about Heal.

Thank you as always for choosing Ticket Tailor to power your event ticket sales - your support has made this achievement possible, and we're truly grateful. To find out more about our giving back initiatives and how we give back to people and the planet, head to Our Impact page.

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