Now live: Sell tickets online with Stripe

Update: Our Stipe integration is now live.

We are excited to announce that we will soon enable you to sell tickets using the Stripe payment system in addition or instead of PayPal.

If you haven’t heard of Stripe, it’s a new way for you to collect money online. Here are the headlines:

A cheaper alternative to Eventbrite

Hey, welcome to the Ticket Tailor blog. Ticket Tailor offers an online ticket selling system with a difference: we don’t charge any per-ticket fees, and instead a predictable low monthly fee. If you are new round here, check out our home page.

We think Eventbrite is cool. It has a load of great features and has done a lot to disrupt an old-fashioned ticketing industry. But Eventbrite is expensive and those fees can really add up.

How to Make your Event Greener

With the London 2012 games just round the corner, the capital is inevitably going to be put under a considerable amount of pressure. Among this pressure is the vast amount of waste that London will have to endure. Here at Ticket Tailor, we thought a great way to minimise this is to find how we can all make our events a little bit greener!

Website Integration Exhibition: Part Two

After our first exhibition, we’ve received requests to see more of our web integrations.  So we’re flinging open the doors once again and bringing you a few more examples of our work.

New Feature: Seating Plans

UPDATE 2016: We currently can’t support interactive seating plans.

For some events, seating is key. It’s important that if you run events whereby customers need to purchase specific seats, these customers are able to do so quickly and easily. That’s where Ticket Tailor’s new seating plan feature comes in. With this neat addition to our service, your customers can now choose exactly which seats they wish to purchase tickets for – complete with an aerial map of your venue.

Ticket Tailor Video Walkthroughs – Part Two

As we promised in part one of our video walkthroughs, here is part two of our video walkthrough series.

The aim of these videos is to show just how quick and easy it is to set up your Ticket Tailor box office and sell tickets to your events.

Ticket Tailor Video Walkthroughs – Part One

Here’s a little treat to put a little spring in the step of the greatest people on earth – our customers!

Now and again everyone needs a little guidance here, or a little nudge in the right direction there. So we’ve decided to create a series of short walkthrough videos guiding you through the most used parts of our software.

Showcase: How Regents Park College, Oxford Sell Tickets Online

Regent's Park College

What’s the event?

Regent’s Park College, Oxford, plays host to the Ministerial Gaudy and the Henton Davis Memorial Lecture.

Some of the Best Event Books

Every now and again, it’s nice to get away from the glare of a computer screen – especially in the glorious London weather. So why not relax in the sun and learn a thing or two more about putting on events from the experts? Although it may seem that events books aren’t as up to the minute as event websites, they are a great source of information. Books covering the event industry range from purely academic to downright chatty – and we’re bringing you some of the best of them.

Meet Mr. Ticket Tailor – The Face of Ticket Tailor

No doubt you’ve seen our fresh faced virtual man around the web. And mum always said it’s rude not to introduce friends, so we thought we’d introduce you to the man himself. He’s a chatty little fella, so stay tuned as he’ll probably be popping up on our blog here and there.