What we are doing to support event organisers during the coronavirus pandemic

Free for online events until 1st September 2020

Running online events with Ticket Tailor is now completely free of charge throughout the Summer until at least 1st September 2020.

New help articles for running online events

We have published some new articles to help with running online events:

Product features for lockdown easements

Getting events up and running again may be more difficult with strict government rules. We don’t know exactly how events will come back but we are keeping our ears to the ground and proactively creating solutions that we think will help such as Distance Scan and capacity management tools.

General guidance for postponing or cancelling events

To help you decide on your best course of action, we’ve compiled some key information to ensure you know how to best handle any decisions you may need to make in relation to your event. Please read our general guidance on coronavirus for event organisers.


We have launched a tool allows ticket buyers to forgo their refund to support event organisers who have had to cancel their events. Though the public are concerned about how this outbreak will affect them personally, there is also already a huge sense of how the public can support local organisations and businesses which are core to our communities.

ForgoMyRefund.org makes it easy for ticket buyers to effectively "donate" their ticket purchase cost to the event organiser if the event has been cancelled. We hope this provides event organisers with essential funds to support them through this uncertain time.

Ticket Tailor refunding service fees

We have had a few queries about whether we can refund event organisers for our service fees in the event of a cancellation due to coronavirus, and we wanted to share our position.

Our standard policy is not to refund fees if an event gets cancelled. This allows us to run a business that is predictable and ultimately keep our fees as low as possible.

However, we recognise that event organisers are having a very tough time, and we would like to consider refunds, where possible, for those most in need.

Note: our application process for requesting refunds of service fees due to cancelled or postponed events closed on the 1st of May.