Ticketing solutions may help pubs in reopening their doors

If there’s one thing Brits have missed more than getting their hair cut, it’s got to be the humble beer garden. Enjoying a cold pint in the sun is surely one of the UK’s most sacred summer rituals, which explains why so many seem to be chomping at the bit to get back at it. 

After months of waiting with bated breath, the doors to our favourite watering holes are finally about to reopen this 4th July – only things are going to be looking a lot different to the usual image of the mighty British pub. 

pubs reopening

Ticketing’s time to shine 

In order to keep things safe, we can expect rigorous social distancing measures in all pubs for the foreseeable future. This naturally means that owners will have to keep a close eye on capacity in their venues (no more elbowing your way to the bar, that’s for sure!). One innovative way we’re already seeing people looking to tackle this is via ticketing systems, which mean venue owners can manage the number of people they’re catering to with absolute precision. 

Take Studio 338 in Greenwich, for example, which has tapped into Londoners’ collective pub-life cravings with an event ingeniously named Pub Tropicana. It’s already a sell-out, and it’s great to see how clear and informative they’ve been about the measures they’ll be taking to keep things safe. These include operating with a strictly limited capacity (thanks to ticketing) and implementing measures that make social distancing possible. 

At Ticket Tailor, we can definitely see a brilliant opportunity for venue owners and events hosts here, who could easily sell tickets that include drinks vouchers to up the profitability of reopening. If one thing’s certain, it’s that supporting our local businesses is more important than ever, and we think this is a great way to do so. 

Keeping tabs on people as well as pints

Whether pubs decide to sell tickets and drink vouchers or not, there’s been speculation about whether pub registrations will become ‘a thing’ – so, before entering any bar or pub, customers would have to provide their details as a matter of legality. This is, among other things, so the government can track and trace people easily when it comes to monitoring those with Covid-19 symptoms and stopping the virus from spreading.

It’s all about contactless ordering 

Apps like Dines are making it easy for venues to offer fully contactless ordering, meaning that pubs can go the extra mile, distancing-wise, if they want to. Customers simply order and pay from their phone then pick up their drinks without having to interact with a server at all. We can also expect to see lots of perspex screens up at bars, similarly to the way we have in supermarkets, and now shops. 

Who can we meet up with at the pub, then?

From 4th July, we’ll be able to meet up to five people from two households if we plan to sit outside at the pub, but if we’re going to be sitting inside, the two-household rule still stands. We’re now only going to be required to stay two metres apart if possible, and one meter apart otherwise – so long as we take some other protective measures too (that’s why it’s being called one meter+). 

It’s for these reasons that pub owners will need to be more organised than ever – aka, selling tickets online could really turn out to be a bit of a life-saver. Not only will it make customers stop and think about how many people they’re planning to meet at the pub (and from how many households), it’ll allow owners to plan their space accordingly. 

It may all feel a tad Orwellian, but on the other hand, there’s definitely cause for celebration when considering that we’re making at least some sort of step back towards normality. The great British summer, after all, is nothing without the eternally-treasured pub. Cheers!

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