Enhanced account security with 2FA

Enhanced account security with 2FA

We have just added the option of setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Ticket Tailor account. This will make access to your account more secure.

If you activate 2FA, as well as needing a password to log in, you will also need an authentication token from an app on your phone. This means that even if someone managed to get your password, they wouldn’t be able to access your account without your phone too.

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You might want to sit down for this announcement: Reserved seating is now live on Ticket Tailor

You might want to sit down for this announcement: Reserved seating is now live on Ticket Tailor

We’re super excited to announce one of our biggest feature releases in quite some time: you can now create seating charts and sell tickets for reserved seats with Ticket Tailor. Our seating chart designer tool allows you to add as many venues and layouts to your box office as you like, with endless options and features to fully represent your event space. Use images and customisable colours to ensure everything is perfectly on brand and gives a complete picture of what your venue looks like.

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Safely manage event capacity in a Covid-secure way

Safely manage event capacity in a Covid-secure way

We know how important it’s going to be to be able to safely manage the capacity of your event with social distancing in mind. Our features will ensure you have the flexibility to run your event in a Covid-secure way, whether that’s having smaller, more frequent events, or allowing customers to pre-book a time slot.

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Managing online events: new features!

Managing online events: new features!

With the challenges of the Coronavirus, many event organisers have had to think outside the box and figure out ways to make their event work online. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of online events on Ticket Tailor, and in response to this shift, we’ve invested in improving the experience of managing the process of selling tickets for virtual events. This week, we’ve launched two new features which should help to make it even easier to sell tickets online.

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Knock! Knock! Who's there? A new doorlist.

Based on your feedback, we have improved how exporting a doorlist works on Ticket Tailor. When you come to export a doorlist for your next event, you will see the following options:

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 15.06.35.png

The improvements include:

  • Group by attendee name, or ticket buyer name, depending on your setup and preference.

  • Choose the size of the text: larger text with fewer names per page, or smaller text with more names per page.

  • Include whatever data you need from your attendee and buyer questions. For example, if you need to know someone’s tee shirt size to give them their tee shirt on entry, you can now easily include this on your doorlist.

On the doorlist itself we have added total ticket counts and page numbers to the footer to make it clear to the door-staff how many attendees are expected.

We hope you love the updates. Please let us know any feedback at hi@tickettailor.com.

Team access is now free for all

When we launched Team access a couple of months, we launched it as a paid add-on. However, we listened to your feedback and have made the decision to open it up to all users for free. We hope you will find it really helpful to invite your teammates to your Ticket Tailor dashboard.

When you invite a teammate you control what they have access to by assigning them specific roles. This means you could have one teammate who can manage the content of your event listings, and another who can manage orders. Or you can give teammates admin access, or just give them access to the overview page. It’s totally up to you, you are in control. You can update what access your teammates have anytime, including removing them altogether.

It’s much more secure to provide teammates with their own login rather than sharing a master login. You control what people have access to, and any changes can be tracked to individual teammates. Sharing a master login also poses the risk that you could be locked out of your own account.

To find Team access in your dashboard, go to ‘Box office setup’ and click on ‘Team access’ from the side navigation. If you have any feedback or need any help then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with customer support on hi@tickettailor.com.

Event views

Ticket Tailor now tracks and displays the number of views that your event gets. Any event created from today (27 February 2020), will now show ‘Event views’ in the ‘Event overview’, as well as chart how many views have happened over the last seven days, the last four weeks, or the last year. A view counts as any time someone views your event, whether that’s from the event page, or the widget.

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 15.06.32.png

This will give you further insight in to how popular your event is. To get even more data, and track the whole checkout process, you could try our Google Analytics integration.

We hope you like this new feature. If you have any issues or feedback, please contact us on hi@tickettailor.com.

Download invoices for orders

Last year we added the option to attach invoices to order notifications, but there wasn’t a way to actually download an invoice for an order from the dashboard. Today we have released the option to do that. When viewing an order from the dashboard, you will now see a link labelled “Download invoice” next to the Order details.

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 12.33.41.png

You can add your business name and address to the invoice by configuring the invoice settings.