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Ticket Tailor champions community spirit: match-funding Hackney Night Shelters’ Christmas fundraising appeal for the second year in a row!

These stats highlight how it’s more important than ever to help your community homelessness initiatives if you can, as no-one should have to sleep on the streets. 

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Homelessness in London has shot up by 35% in a year

The latest data on homelessness paints a disheartening picture, revealing a distressing increase in the number of individuals sleeping rough in the capital. In March 2023, official figures estimated 2,447 people were sleeping on the streets of London – that’s a 35% increase compared to the same period in 2022. The Combined Homelessness and Information Network (Chain), believes this figure is significantly higher, closer to the 10,000 mark, and that of these 10,000 over half are new to the streets!

These stats highlight how it’s more important than ever to help your community homelessness initiatives if you can, as no-one should have to sleep on the streets.

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We’re doubling all December donations - for the second year running.

As a Hackney-based business, we’re supporting the Hackney Night Shelter Christmas fundraising appeal for the second year in a row by matching all donations made this December up to a value of £25,000. This means all donations will be doubled giving our local charity the best possible chance of reaching their goal of £50,000 before Christmas.

Donate now (and we’ll double it) >> 

Introducing Hackney Night Shelter

Hackney Night Shelter has provided temporary accommodation and support to women  and men across the borough of Hackney since 1996, helping individuals to find a lasting route out of homelessness. 

Their Christmas fundraising appeal is aiming to raise £50,000 which will allow them to continue providing 26 emergency bed spaces for the year ahead. 

How will your donations help Hackney Night Shelter

Last year they reached their target and were able to successfully move to a larger premises. But this year their focus is all about how they can continue to offer their incredible service which is crucial to keeping people off the streets and helping to re-house them.

Diving into the numbers, here are some of the main costs that the charity faces day-in-day-out, and how your money could help make all the difference.

  • £400 Heating costs – they spend over £400 each week on the heating and other utility costs across their two shelters.
  • £150 overnight staff cover – although they pay no rent at their main shelter, and most of the work is undertaken by volunteers, they still need to pay someone to look after the shelter through the night.
  • £30 supper – they receive lots of donations but still need to buy some essential ingredients. Just £30 would cover the extra cost of providing one night’s supper in the main shelter.

They don’t receive any government funding so they depend on grants and donations to finance the shelters and their work. 

To support this great cause, donations can be made via Hackney Night Shelter’s JustGiving page - and any amount will be doubled by us.

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Why is Ticket Tailor supporting Hackney Night Shelter?

Jonny White, Founder and CEO of Ticket Tailor comments, “Ticket Tailor is much more than a low-cost solution for event organisers to sell tickets online. Giving back and supporting our community has been part of our DNA since day one. We donate 1p for every ticket sold to climate charities, and are a proud certified B Corp, but we also feel very strongly about supporting local charities when they are particularly in need.”

He adds, “Now more than ever, with the cost-of-living crisis adding extra strain on homeless shelters, it’s a cause that’s not only right on our doorstep, but is one that’s close to the hearts of our team. This year, our team has dedicated 167 hours of our time to volunteering. The majority of which is carried out at the shelter. From cooking and serving dinners, through to cleaning, organising and socialising with guests. We feel by matching all donations this December it’ll help encourage more people to give what they can to support this important cause. The team and volunteers at Hackney Night Shelter work tirelessly to support people in need, and we are in awe of their dedication to the community.” 

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More about Hackney Night Shelter

Hackney Night Shelter's mission is to provide pathways out of homelessness for those in need in Hackney. Since 1996, the shelter has collaborated with the community, offering both shelter and support to homeless guests. Over the course of a year, they provide emergency shelter and move-on support for more than 100 individual homeless people. Operated primarily by volunteers, the shelter exclusively accommodates guests with low or no support needs during their initial 28-night stay, which can be extended up to three months while long-term housing is arranged. Notably, almost all their guests (95%) have positive move-ons into stable accommodation.

While the shelter has been running night shelters for over 25 years, the last three years have seen significant developments. Responding to the needs of homeless women, they opened a separate women's shelter, accommodating seven women per night in a house rented from a local church. Recognizing that homelessness is a year-round issue, they are now open throughout the entire year. The most significant change, however, has been a shift from the previous model of rotating shelters among different churches to a static shelter. During the pandemic, they secured a free lease on former council offices, providing single-room accommodation. This allows guests to maintain employment, as they can shower, leave their belongings, and have a safe place to sleep every night. Through feedback from guest meetings and exit interviews, Hackney Night Shelter has formed partnerships with local agencies offering immigration advice, housing support, health services, and more. No longer just providing brief respite, they are successfully offering sustainable routes out of homelessness.

What previous Hackney Night Shelter guests have to say

  • “Good appreciation. Good food, good staff, every staff smile and I am happy, thank-you”
  • “It was wonderful, I appreciate so much your kind warm welcome to me I am so happy, thank-you”
  • “The place, food, the room, I was grateful, it was wow for me”
  • “The volunteers I don’t have enough words to thank, they are nice people, helping, and they have a big lovely heart, for all those times I spent with all staff and volunteers... I couldn’t forget my whole life”

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