3 alternative ways people are using Ticket Tailor during lockdown

If there’s one thing that lockdown’s taught us, it’s that we humans are a wickedly inventive species. And although no one could argue with the fact that we’re living in extremely difficult times, it’s hard to deny that we’re pretty good at adapting, too. Local shops have had to learn how to operate online-only overnight, while high-end restaurants have had to transform into full-blown takeaways. Not to mention the events world – who knew we’d ever see something as bizarre as Take That performing a full show separately but together from their own homes? 


At Ticket Tailor, we’ve seen tons of innovation and lockdown business ideas in recent weeks, which we think we can all learn a thing or two from. With this in mind, here are three inspiring hacks our customers have used to stay afloat post-‘new normal’: 

  1. The make-up tutor turning Instagram views into cash

    Make-up tutorials are rife online, but one Ticket Tailor user, Laura B, came up with a way to turn their popularity into cash without having to rely on long-term goals like ads. Instead, she decided to create a three-week online make-up course on Instagram at a cost of €30 per person, and it was an instant sell-out hit. So much so that she’s already running her second release, which offers value to participants in the form of two fully broken-down tutorials a week, plus a live stream on Sunday and even one-to-one video chat Q&A sessions. The perfect proof that lockdown measures don’t need to mean giving up on your business (or beauty) goals. 

  2. The flower farm that’s turned itself into a drive-thru

    ‘Curbside bouquet pickup’ just sounds like something we immediately want to be a part of. Lucky residents of North Kingston, Rhode Island actually can be thanks to Wicked Tulip Farm’s lockdown initiative. With an airtight, drive-thru scheme that strictly adheres to their state’s Covid-19 regulations, the farm’s been able to sell beautiful bouquets from a distance. Customers simply buy their flowers online using Ticket Tailor and arrange a time to pick them up, with the opportunity to drive through the farm’s amazing tulip fields too. The best bit? Customers never have to leave their car, meaning it’s all 100% safe and social distance-friendly. We can’t think of a nicer way to brighten up this stressful period.

  3. The pub & hotel company offering to double people’s money with pre-sale vouchers

    It’s been heartbreaking to see how the hospitality industry has suffered at the hands of Covid-19. But it’s also really uplifting to see initiatives like pub and hotel company, Lisini’s, who’s used Ticket Tailor to sell pre-loaded ‘Promise Cards’ worth double the value of purchase. Basically, customers who are willing to put up £50 now get a cool £100 to spend in the first three months of Lisini’s opening. This just goes to show how a little inventiveness can go at least some way towards alleviating the financial pressures venues are facing amidst all of this. And we’re betting the quids-in customers will be pretty happy, too.

Amid the doom and gloom of Covid-19 there are sparks of light – from the restaurants delivering thousands of free meals to health workers to the communities that are doing everything they can to support their local businesses. We’re so impressed by the creativity shown by Ticket Tailor users, who’ve taken this spirit of determination and used it to create new opportunities out of their own struggles. Keep up the good work guys – you really are nailing it.