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Jazz on the Terrace is a non-profit organisation set up by Allen Smith in 1982 to promote Irish jazz musicians on the international stage and to bring international musicians to Ireland. Make a donation and help us keep up the good work!

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The Return Flight of the Earls: Night 2 image

Eight Irish performers return from France, Spain, Germany, England and the USA. They will bring many aspects of their life abroad to this grand reunion. There will be new compositions for the occasion, new groups formed and some new musical friendships.

The returning earls of jazz are Michael Coady (Barcelona), Anthony Kerr (London), Matthew Halpin (Cologne), David Mason (New York), Gerard Murphy (Marseille), Fintan O'Neill (New York), Paddy Sherlock (Paris) and Christine Tobin (London and New York). There are two honorary Earls. These are Veronika Morscher (Cologne) and Phil Robson (London and New York). These musicians will be joined by eighteen musicians that live and work in Ireland, forming groups in a joyous celebration of "The Return Flight of the Earls".

Line up for Thursday 30th November

SET 1:

  • Veronika Morscher, voice
  • Michael Coady, double bass
  • Fintan O'Neill, piano
  • Paddy Sherlock, Trombone/voice
  • Gonzalo del Val, drums

SET 2:

  • Gerard Murphy, saxophone
  • Phil Robson, guitar
  • David Mason, drums
  • Johnny Taylor, piano
  • Damian Evans, double bass
  • Anthony Kerr, vibraharp
  • Paddy Sherlock, Trombone/voice

SET 3:

  • Christine Tobin, voice
  • Jim Doherty, piano
  • Gerard Murphy, saxophone
  • Dave Fleming, double bass
  • Myles Drennan, drums