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2 Hour GYROKINESIS® Workshop: A Journey of the Spine image

In this two hour class, Kindall and Anouk will guide you through the basic movement principles and sequences of the GYROKINESIS® Method. This class will involve self-massage, spinal motions, standing and floor sequences and everything in between to enhance range of motion and movement potential.

One trainer will be leading the class, while the other trainer will be giving personal hands-on guidance to all students. The most efficient way to get to know this method while maximizing your physical and wellbeing experience.

More About the GYROKINESIS® Method:

Widely used by dancers, athletes, osteopaths and physiotherapists from around the world. It improves posture, breath, strength, flexibility, and other exercise practices such as yoga, pilates, and running. This method works with the body as a whole, focusing on the body's natural anatomical makeup. This prevents injuries and enhances movement. It is also a great mixture of dance, yoga, and tai chi, creating a balance of a deep internal and external movements.

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