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Discovering your Younique Design Style is a fascinating one day Interior Design Masterclass led by Julie Stevens of Younique Designs Ltd. It is one of her Cornerstone Masterclasses.


If you answered Yes to any part of that question then this Masterclass will meet your needs. It is foundational to the success of any of your Home Design projects.

What will you learn on this Interior Design Masterclass?

On this one day Cornerstone Masterclass I will take you step by step through the
Younique Designs 5 Step Process to discovering your unique design style.

During carefully structured sessions you will begin to discover your own personal style preferences,
and understand how to balance and harmonise your home with

The day will be both practical and theoretical giving you maximum opportunity to reflect
on your own personal projects so you can apply your learning straight away.

Who is the day suitable for?

Men and women aged over 18, working on a personal redecoration, refurb, extension or new build project. If your desire is to complete your project with ease, within budget and timescale, then you need to be empowered to make decisions with confidence. This Cornerstone Masterclass is where you need to start - you can complete your project with ease, within your budgets and timescale if you know your unique design style.

The venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users – please let me know if you have any particular needs that I should be aware of to ensure your day is perfect for you.

What skills do I need to attend this Interior Design Masterclass?

More important than anything else is your enthusiasm and desire to learn and implement straight away. Be willing to discover what Happy really means to you. There are no specific skills needed. There will be a questionnaire sent to you prior to the masterclass which will ask about your experience to date with your own projects.

How will the day be structured?

The day will be split into sessions of learning and implementation. Each session will build on the one before so that at the end of the day you will leave having confidence in your unique design style. It is important that you do not arrive late as you will miss a very important part of the day if you do.

All refreshments will be provided and there is a 2 course lunch in the hotel restaurant which will cater for all dietary needs.

What will I walk away with?

You will leave the day

  • empowered to make design style choices with confidence so that you can complete your projects with ease, within budget and timescale.
  • You will be able to practice visualising your home in its finished state.
  • You will know the 5 step process for discovering your unique design style preferences for your home. The process can be used again and again.
  • You will be inspired and have learnt where and how to find further inspiration for your projects.
  • You will have a workbook and mood board detailing your journey of discovery to refer back to.

Why should I invest in this particular Cornerstone Masterclass?

  • This Masterclass is purposely limited to a maximum of 15 delegates. This means there will be enough time for me to spend individual time with each delegate.
  • This Masterclass is one of 4 Cornerstone Masterclasses. This masterclass is fundamental to your design projects success. If you do one class only make sure its this one.
  • Discovering your Younique Design Style will give you confidence to make design based decisions and clarity to know how to make choices.
  • It's an ideal day for those you love design and have an interest in styling and want to know more about 'doing it for yourself' from a Professional Interior Designer.
  • It's a perfect day for those working on a specific project - whether that's a one room decoration, an extension, a whole house refurb or a new build. Once you know more about who you are, your projects should not overwhelm you.
  • If you want to learn from an Interior Design professional who has worked in the Interiors industry since 1992, has a formal degree qualification in Interior Design, has run her own design practice since 2007, is a speaker and a go to expert at The Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live, then this unique masterclass is the right one for you.
  • Ultimately, if you want to stop wasting money, time and effort on your projects and instead have confidence and clarity about the design choices you make and have an amazingly Happy Home, then knowing your unique design style is essential.
  • The 5 step process I teach is unique to my Cornerstone Masterclasses.
  • My intention is that this masterclass gives you new insights and know how, into who you are and how that benefits you when designing and managing your own Happy Home projects.

What's so special about this Interior Design Masterclass compared to others?

  • Before the Masterclass you will receive a short questionnaire, which will enable you to detail your project(s), your experience, and your hopes and aspirations for your home. This will give me a greater insight into you and ensure that I endeavour to meet any specific identified needs during the day. (Note: The identified needs will be specific to discovering your design style – if you include photos with your questionnaire responses, with design style questions it maybe possible to use them as case studies through the day.)
  • Following the Masterclass you will have the opportunity to have a private, 45 minute, call with me to follow up on your progress and to answer any additional questions that may have arisen since the masterclass. (This call will be scheduled during lunch on the day).
  • This is a very personalised masterclass and is designed to empower you to be able to make design choices and decisions with greater confidence and clarity based upon you discovering your own unique Style.

I will endeavour to work with all delegates equally during the day.

There are only 15 places available on this Masterclass.

Your investment into this Masterclass is £399.00 which includes all materials, workbooks, refreshments and a 2 course lunch in the restaurant.

The first 6 places are being offered at only £349.00

Stop wasting time and money - invest wisely and with confidence in your home.

You desire for your home to be your sanctuary, your safe place away from the loud noisy cities, the busy office, the commute, the crowds, the busy road, the people who you serve and the general 'madness of the world'.

For many your home is this - It's your space for reflection, fun, laughter, rest, entertaining, and for living life in on your terms.

However 'Creating your Happy Home' comes with many challenges. Just finding the time to get it as you want it, the confidence to make the right choices and the clarity in decision making is enough to think about, let alone the cost (actual or perceived).

You have spent hours flicking through magazines and books, an unbelievable amount of time searching online, spent countless weekends in DIY superstores, furniture stores and department stores, looking for inspiration.

Yet you come away arguing with your husband/wife or partner, your children and even yourself, as you fail to make a decision with confidence on how to design and decorate your lounge, bedroom, extension etc. It's frustrating, and it saddens you that you can't seem to provide and design the Happy Home that you desire to spend your life in.

Imagine coming home to a place where the colours are 'right', the patterns and textures work together, a home that has a place for everything and everything has a place.

A place that reflects who you are.

A place where you can breath a sign of relief, knowing that your home is welcoming you, its ordered, its calm, its beautiful, it's a place where and your family can flourish and dream and grow wings to become all you are meant to be.

Imagine being the conductor for your home, the one that orchestrates its atmosphere, the themes, and the activities, to meet the needs of all you who dwell in it and visit it. Imagine your home as the safe space, a refuge for all who enter, a protection from the harm and storms of the world.

Is this what you want from your home?

Creating a home requires Courage. Becoming a Homemaker, the conductor requires a plan, a strategy.

We are all capable of building and creating a lasting legacy in the form of a home that gives life to all who come under its roof.

When your home reflects who you are, it empowers you, it makes you feel better, achieve more, and live the kind of life you dreamt of - the dream that makes you deeply happy, not surface happy.

When that happens, then you know you have found your unique design style.

The flip side of this is when a home does not reflect who you are. Your home could be the factor that is keeping you stuck and stagnant and unknowingly it could be the thing that is stopping you living your life to the full.

So, where do I start, I hear you ask – and it's a question I am asked regularly.
What must I do first?

I believe that once you know your own UNIQUE DESIGN STYLE then designing, decorating and buying things for your home becomes so easy. No more spending weekends in stores wondering if this or that piece of furniture will fit or look right, and hours spent on line agonising over the vast choices available, no more money wasted on another paint colour and the cost of the decorator to return again.

No more arriving home after a busy day and screaming arghhh as you walk through the door. Or just not going home until the last minute and then you just walk up the stairs to bed. Instead you will arrive home and your shoulders will drop as the stress flies away and you breathe aaahhhh and relax in your refuge.

Knowing who you are and getting the design for your home right means you will have time and money to spend with family and friends - inviting them to your Happy Home, your safe space, your relaxing refuge. Your home that allows family and friends (and sometimes strangers too), to put down roots deeply, allowing them to feel they belong, giving them a loving refuge, a place that gives wings to their dreams, nurturing possibilities of who they might become.

As the conductor of your home, how wonderful would it be for lives to be transformed purely by entering your home and having it reflect the beauty of who you are.

Many of my clients come to me, devoid of hope and struggling to find inspiration. From listening to them I have learnt that they actually didn't know where to start with their project. They had no plan or strategy, and they certainly didn't have a clue what their own unique style was, or that they even had one. They had no starting point.

If this is you too, then this one day masterclass is one of the cornerstones
needed to build your Happy Home.

I'd like to invite you to join me on this unique Interior Design Masterclass. I'd like to share with you my step by step formula for discovering your Unique Design Style. Learn from my years of experience in the design industry, working with a wide variety of clients with all manner of needs. Discover who you really are in terms of your design style preferences so that you can make design decisions with confidence and clarity and go on to create your own happy home with ease.

Who is this Interior Design Masterclass not for?

This Interior Design Masterclass is not designed for those who are interested in a career in design – its content is tailored to those embarking on, or already working on specific home based projects.

About Me - Julie Stevens

For those of you who are new to me, I am Julie Stevens. I have been working in the Design industry since 1992 and running my own Interior Design Consultancy since 2007. I have a BA Hons degree in Interior Design and Architecture and have worked with commercial and residential clients. I love all things design and architecture and can be found regularly walking with my head up, camera in hand, looking at the sky line of a city, or in an art gallery, or just basking in nature and its divine beauty.

During this time I have worked with many clients who have struggled to find their own uniqueness. They may be able to copy something they find in a magazine but the lasting effect is not beneficial on a emotional and deep happiness level. There seems to be something missing or 'not quite right'.

Over the years I have developed this 5 step process to take my clients on a journey to find their own unique design style preferences. Up until now this has been shared only with my 1 2 1 clients. Following a period of teaching BTEC Interior Design, I have the 'bug' for sharing the nuances of design with others - hence these Cornerstone Masterclasses.

I am really excited to be offering this masterclass. Its one of 4 Cornerstone Masterclasses and in my opinion the one that everyone should attend before undertaking any further home design projects. Discovering your unique design style preferences is illuminating and exciting and a very personal journey. I will be delighted to welcome you to this unique experience.