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The Chainers 2018-Block Rise, Chain World; One of Asia's leading blockchain summit named CHAIINERS 2018 on July 1st-2nd in Seoul , South Korea;

1.Huge market with 5 million digital currency investors.
2.Korea famous media like SBS providing high exposure rate and many promotion chance
3.Investment Community with at least 500 high-net-worth members
4.Great support from Top Korea Group, Top Korea Finance Group, Exchange, Blockchain Association and Quality Projects
5.20+ VCs from China, US and Korea looking for quality projects
6.Policy Report from Blue House, Korea planed to develop blockchain development in the first half of 2018. Korea Government aims at combating the illegal act of digital currency and focus on improving the transparency of cryptocurrency transaction. Besides they will also asses the cryptocurrency tax system and proactively support the development of blockchain technology.
7.1000+ attendees from 20+ countries and areas

Korea Blockchain Roadmap
1. On October, 2016, Korea FSC declared that Korea FinTech will develop a two-step roadmap which aimed at alleviating unreasonable regulation and improving Fintech system.
2. Bank of Korea Research Program focused on blockchain, which mainly concentrate on payment, settlement and digital currency.
3. More and more Finance Institutes start adopting blochchain solutions. Korea's Banks such as KEB Hana, Shinhan, Kookmin, Woori and Industrial Bank of Korea IBK, they have joint in R3 Alliance.

Korea Blockchain Market Predicting 2018
1. Blockchain promotion obstacle will be gradually decreased.
2. Korea Finance Institute will set up Local Blockchain Association.
3. 2018 will be the starting point of large-scale blockchain application in Korea.
4. Korea will proactively adopt blockchin application in main service and system in 2018.
5. About 70%-80% of Korea Banks will adopt blockchain technology and undertake the small-scale smart contract pilot.
6. The future of blockchain will be bright.