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Day Party - One World Cafe Torquay - 2PM-10PM
Darius Syrossian | Andrew Kay

Night Party - The Foundry Torquay - 9PM-5AM
Darius Syrossian | Citizenn | Seff | Andrew Kay
Phraze & Resonate

Room 2 hosted by Casa x Four/Four
Felix Thomas | Gabriela | Jamie Miller | Evangelou Twins

They say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', and that's certainly the case with the few months that we've been away from our favourite place in the sun, Torquay.

After two incredible sell-out parties in 2017, we head back to our beloved Foundry once again in August and this time we take things to the next level. We've also found a great little spot for an unmissable, open air day time party to start things off

Make sure you've signed up for tickets, this is set to be the party highlight of Summer 2018. We cant wait to get back down to you guys!