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As we celebrate YJ's 30th anniversary, please donate any amount you can as we move the organisation into the future

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Jai Jinendra, 

Young Jains turns 30 years old! 

In celebration of reaching the 30th anniversary milestone and Diwali, you and your family are cordially invited to an afternoon of rangoli and evening of bhakti. 

Rangoli making: 2pm - 5:00pm 

We've got an afternoon of rangoli making! Come along and have some fun creating a rangoli. Colours and designs will be provided as well as plain boards for people to create their own design. Unleash your inner creative you! Please note we have limited tickets for the rangoli event, and these will be  on a first come basis. 

Scrumptious Vegan Dinner: 6pm - 7:30pm
This will be followed by a scrumptious vegan meal. Expect all the frills and thrills of a celebratory dinner!

A melodious evening of bhakti: 7:30pm - 9:30pm 
For the final course of the evening, you will be serenaded in bhakti, as we celebrate the life of Mahavir Bhagwan. 

Please purchase your ticket by clicking on the button on the right. We look forward to celebrating Diwali with you. 

Ticket Prices:
Rangoli event 
YJ member - £5.00
Non-member - £7.00

Dinner + Bhakti
YJ member - £9.50
Non-member - £12.50
Please purchase your tickets and make an online payment. 

About Young Jains
Young Jains UK is a non-sectarian organisation that encourages the discussion and exploration of Jain philosophy, spirituality and its practical importance to life. Our activities include discussions, retreats, debates, quiz nights, musical evenings, study sessions, conventions, etc. which are held on various themes and topics including: understanding Jain principles, ethics, the environment, debating social concerns, health matters, visiting temples and increasing awareness about other faiths.

Young Jains provides an opportunity for its members to be actively involved in delivering events and develop skills that are applicable to all aspects of life. Everyone is most welcome to the Young Jains Experience regardless of age, caste, nationality, faith.