Ascension Healing Booster - 7th Oct 2024 – Love Inspiration

Mon Oct 7, 2024 12:01 AM - 11:59 PM NZDT
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As explained by Higher Consciousness:

"The Ascension Healing Booster (AHB) is a series of energies used to radiate a new level of deepened healing. Each energy frequency is gifted to the individual recipient in detailed precision according to their written healing descriptions and acquired karmic merits. The ceremony takes much preparation (energetically) and initiates frequencies that gently clear karmic debris and free the soul of attributed karmic obstacles. It is an intensive healing period.

Once the AHB has been initiated, the results form a new level of radiance upon which each Ascension Healing (or Di/Tri-Ascension Healing) thereafter is dramatically shifted to an elevated level. The initial AHB is required only once, to actively boost the level of healing, however can be repeated during times of immense purification, the ‘darkest hours’ some may call them.

The frequencies chosen in an AHB are specifically & uniquely tailored to the recipients’ situation, healing requirements and intention of life purpose. These are set in the recipients soul DNA at the time of healing and do not specifically require written or conscious connection.

After the AHB is sent, a new level of conscious unfurling shall commence, where healing layers begin to ‘slide’ off, allowing soul purpose to be more in alignment. The undertaking of an AHB is a specific & dedicated decision, requiring commitment at a deep level, hence the indicated monetary investment. We ask you, however, to be very aware that your earthly ‘money’ does not buy your healing, but rather the merit accumulated from the conscious decision to further the Maitri Foundation charity’s purposes creates the dedicated opportunity for healing to take place. This is important to realise in all aspects of donation to the charity’s purposes and is not specific to the AHB."

For more information about the AHB energies, please visit: