Accelerate Your Business

Fri 16 Mar 2018 9:30 am - 10:30 pm
The Westbury Hotel, Dublin

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In this Accelerate Your Business Workshop, we cover 3 key topics:

  1. Branding to Business Modelling Process
  2. E-Commerce: Key Principles
  3. Best Practices in Digital Marketing

Each topic will cover fundamental principles, current market trends, best practices.

This course is tailored for:

  • Individuals and Brands who already have an online presence
  • E-Commerce stores hosted on Shopify or WooCommerce, who are looking to grow their sales
  • Content sites hosted on WP, who are looking to growth hack & monetise their content
  • Individual and Brands who do not have an online presence but are looking to understand the process from the beginning

Emphasis on the workshop is garnering a network of other small business owners who can help drive follow-on value to you and your business.

This workshop will equip you with:

  • Lean business modelling process
  • Value proposition design
  • E-Commerce site auditing practices
  • Landing page design
  • Digital marketing plan design
  • Identifying channels in your marketing flow
  • Email marketing flow design & audience segmenting
  • Optmising your Facebook ads for sales

Each participant will leave with a recommended toolkit of tips and tools.


"Most valuable things I learned? Marketing strategy and customer experience"

"Landing Pages - showing different shop windows to appropriate customers, A-B testing on Facebook adverts, the storytelling aspect of branding"

"Really enjoyed meeting new people and discussing business with them, the workshop was the perfect size"

"Learning more about email and the power of landing pages"