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Semba no Pé 2019 image

The 1st and only Semba / Kuduro / Afro Festival in the world is back for it's 4th edition!!

1 Pre-Party Thursaday the 6th
3 Official Kizomba and Semba PARTIES
1 Kizomba / Semba Boat Party in the Tejo River (optional)
+40 Semba, Kuduro and Afro WORKSHOPS

WORKSHOPS LOCATION - Jazzy Dance Studios Santos
PARTY LOCATION - Renewed Barrio Latino (100m from Jazzy)

Confirmed Artists

- Fantastic 4
- Paulo & Lanna
- Miguel & Susana
More coming soon

Confirmed DJ's
Coming soon

Semba no Pé will be held in the most turistic part of the beautiful LISBOA, right in front of the Tejo River, so to find a place to sleep is very easy... here it is a selection of hostels all less then 1.2km from the venue.

Jardim de Santos Hostel - Clossest Hostel
Sunset Destination Hostel
PH Lisbon Hostel
Lisbon Old Town Hostel
Lisb'on Hostel
Lost inn Lisbon Hostel
Lisbon Calling Hostel
Oasis Backpackers Hostel Lisbon - (1.2km)