The Assembly 2018 - The Gathering Ground

Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
A location that will be disclosed.....

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Thank you for you interest in The Assembly. I have noticed an awakening of women as we are starting to identify and own our power individually. But, what a powerful thing it would be to own it and tap into it collectively? It is from this idea The Assembly was born. Why the gathering ground? Because it is a place of growth, healing, seed planting and sharing. Throughout history in times of trials and times of triumph women have always come together create, build, find solutions and celebrate. We are and have always been our best resource. I am looking to assemble at least 35 empowerment focused, mentorship minded and love filled women for an event celebrating our ability to move mountains and build nations.

During The Assembly you can expect:

  • Action based facilitation that takes this beyond a typical empowerment event.
  • An environment filled with encouragement, safety, support and like minded women individually selected for this event.
  • Guided networking activities to break the ice and facilitate community building.
  • Personal development activities that will yield personal growth and professional results.
  • Tangible resources that can change your life and business if implemented correctly.
  • Swag bag, refreshments and much more!

During The Assembly you are expected too:

  • Come with an open mind and open heart.
  • Come ready to connect to a network of powerhouse women.
  • Come with a spirit rooted in reciprocity and kindness.
  • Come willing to share space, information, and community.
  • Bring a tangible item that represents who you are as a woman (Don't over think this. Bring an item that has a story behind it or one that makes you smile, shows your growth or is just something fun).

This event is about connecting a network of women who can become a support system, bank of resources and tribe of encouragement. Who better to recognize the burden and blessing of being a woman than another woman? Will you join me for the Assembly?

We only have space for 35 spots available for this event.