Midsummer Festival of the Fool, 2025 – Netherlands

Fri 20 Jun 2025 2:00 PM - Mon 23 Jun 2025 CEST
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Donations will be used to support people from low currency countries (Hungary/Ukraine) being able to attend.

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The Fool is the Archetype of Emergence and therefore exactly what we need right now. The Fool is the one who trusts the unknown, aware and cocreating in the moment, responsive, flexible, curious and courageous. 

If you want to expand in any of these areas, come. If your soul longs for more aliveness and depth, come. If you want to be immersed with skilled embodied teachers with decades of experience of working with emergence, come. 

We are a professional group working with performance, shamanism, leadership development, authentic relating, tai chi and dance who invite everyone to come and cocreate magic and leave empowered, connected and able to cocreate in emergence in whatever field you are in. CONTRIBUTORS LIST BELOW!!!

Learn the medicine of the troubadour and clown who are real, playful and honest.
Taste the art of storytelling, creating moments of connection and presence. 
Practice being and relating with all of yourself in authentic relating, Social Presencing Theatre and dance.

Uplevel your facilitation skills, deepen your awareness, learn through play. 
All these are aspects of the Fool Archetype, the one who is surrendered and in service of Right Now.  


The Festival is an immersion in the practice of emergence, of allowing things to unfold, of tending the moment, the space with love so the best possible thing can happen.  You have the chance to

- transform and go out and transform 

- get friendly with the unknown and show others the same  

- increase your capacity for joy and then spread joy

- meet yourself and others in dance, movement and physical play

- nourish your soul through storytelling and learn how to tell stories

- learn how we positively shift  public space and start doing it

- let your fool free you from your inner dictator - a liberated life 

- share your passion, creativity, and playfulness

- be inspired by the Renaissance of Troubadours vision and upcoming projects

- learn awareness based facilitation skills

- allowing yourself more pleasure and show others how

- be good to your body

- connect deeply with amazing people 

Where is it?

The Festival happens in the Netherlands. Full details in September 2024.

Share your work!

If you are a qualified practitioner of a healing practice you can apply to offer 1-1 private sessions and earn some money in the Healing Space. If you are a musician, clown, storyteller or teacher, we still have some slots for workshops and performance. Email angela.bogo@gmail.com for more info

Start/finish times

Friday 2pm til Monday 2pm. 


Early Mornings: 7-930 Tai Chi, Meditation and Movement, Yoga


Intro to Clown, Fool in Leadership, The Dictator and the Fool, Circling, Meditative movement, Bodywork, Renaissance of Troubadours, Shamanism, Storytelling, Song Impro , Social Presenting Theatre, Imagining A Vibrant Playful World, The Next 5 years

Evening Playtime, Open Mic, DJ Set, Midsummer Party

 Detailed program published October 2024.

PAYMENT PLAN? PAY 200 euros now and the balance 

ANY Questions? Email: Angela.bogo@gmail.com


1. BOOK BY November 1st 2024 and receive coaching support for your own projects. 1 free 30 minute coaching call plus 15% off all coaching in 2024

2. EVERYONE  Travel with Troubadour Adventures 15% discount in 2025.



Angela Halvorsen Bogo Director of the Midsummer Festival of the Fool and the Renaissance of Troubadours.

A storyteller and singer in the Scottish Indigenous Traveller Tradition since 1990. A clown who trained with Frankie Andersen, Guy Darnell, Jonathan Kay, and Philippe Gaulier she has been teaching clown based Fool retreats, workshops and courses for 30 years. She works as a clown with people with dementia in Norway. Angela has developed a wide range of personal development tools using play, clown, storytelling and the fool. She is a qualified Relational Dynamics coach specializing in coaching people in the artistic professions. She also works in organizations with playful embodied processes, storytelling, open space technologies, Theory U and Social Presencing Theater.



Storytelling: Imagination Activated, Wisdom Revealed

Clowning: Presence, Heart, Delight

The  Fool: Releasing the Inner Dictator to Transform the Collective

Renaissance of Troubadours: Service, Travel, Song, Lightness and Charm

Marion Ibetsberger

Is dedicated to serve consciousness, open heart and mind-body awareness. Facilitating and holding space that invites co-kreation and co-elevation are key in her transformational and cultural work with leadership teams. With an dialogical systemic approach her main field of expertise is leadership development. Constellation work and embodiment techniques such as Social Presencing Theater add a great value to her integral work in a yet still mind-driven world.




Social Presencing Theatre - Dancing with the archetypes

The Fool and Leadership

Simon Chamberlain


Is a facilitator of shamanic training and workshops, as well as a shamanic practitioner. His Nordic School of Shamanism is situated on the banks of the magnificent Sognefjord in Norway and it is from there he offers work for small group and individuals.

Simon is passionate about deep ceremonial work that he often employs to encourage closer union between Soul and Ego. He also promotes some reintroduction of healthy rituals that can nourish the Soul.


introduction to Shamanism.

1-1 Healing Sessions

Helene Bøhler


Discovered Tai Chi in 1998, and has since deepened the integration of the natural principles in her life and facilitation. Teaches Tai Chi and Chi Kung, TMW and Soul Moves at weekly groups and retreats in UK and in Norway, since 2003.

An artist with experience in a variety of creative expressions, massage, bodywork and meditation, dance and music. Delights in sharing an integrated experience, in addition to meet in the movement of the moment.



TMW (Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing)

Soul Moves - Flow, Dance, Listening, Edges

DJ - Foolflow

1-1 Massage

Marysia Pstrokońska


Marysia is a bodyworker, fascinated by the power of conscious touch as a form of communication and of deep listening. She specialises in pelvic work, touch to deepen our relationship with life and aliveness in its many forms, lymphatics and energy work. She's also a gardener, forager and herbalist and the creator of a range of hand made plant medicines called Body of Earth Botanicals.

Turóczi Levente


Levente is a Clown and Acting teacher since 2008. He has been involved in drama and game pedagogy and emotional intelligence development.Formally both a scout leader and monk. Now, he focuses on trifold unity of human being: thinking, willing and sensing or feeling. 


holistic full body movement process in and with nature