Why not have some fun at the Perfume Playground Club?

Thu 18 Oct 2018 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Work Club Global, Level 2, 287 Collins St

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Why not have some fun at the Perfume Playground Club? image

It must be time for a new fragrance! Why not design a plant-based ethical fragrance with us at our upcoming Sensory Club

How does it work?
Perfume Playground™ has designed a new approach to fragrance design; Scent Soul Science. Come on a sensory journey and discover, play and create with us over an hour and a half. You'll leave with your luxury crafted scent, uniquely you.

Come explore your senses. We say no to parabens, glycols, petrochemicals or synthetics so you can rest assured you'll have access to a Natural Scent bar which has been carefully curated. You'll smell over 50 naturally derived top and middle notes, the highest quality essential oils, resins, isolates and compounded natural isolates in the world.

We encourage you to set your intention around how you want to use your fragrance but you're free as a bird to pick and choose what you like. We provide a base accord but you take the wheel (literally, the fragrance wheel). Soft and sweet? Sensual and Spicy? Uplifting citrus? Choose 2 essences you feel drawn to which best complement the base.

Enjoy time learning a blending technique and learning how to critique your own designs. This is the part that's really different to other workshops you might attend, you have complete creative freedom. Tap into your inner child and connect with like-minded people over Scent Soul and Science.

This part is serious fun, as you need to concentrate and figure out how to scale your design. Expect to act mindfully here and forget about all your worries as you focus on your provided perfumery equipment and bottling your design. We play music to help you as you bottle. You take home 12mL in fragrance.

Who is your host?
Samantha Copland is trained by world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel. Holding a science degree in Pharmacology and Psychology, certified in flower essences, aromatherapy, plant shamanism and Ronga Maori Medicine both the art and science of perfumery is covered.

What you get
Creative guidance from Samantha Copland, founder of Perfume Playground™ 
Access to a scent lab of over 50 natural essences
All the tools & materials you need to create your very own unique perfume
You select 3 scent vials (12ml) of your favourite essences and take home a roll-on 10mL Eau de Toilette

What people are saying:
"X Factor for inspiring, uplifting and unique personalised learning!!! Simply sensational!" Bren
"So well done - what an amazing sensory journey. Thank you so much." Maddy Disberry
"Loved how it was broken down into stages, making it very clear to follow instructions. The equation with blending was super helpful." Kendall McKinnon
"Very inspiring and therapeutic, something not to be rushed" Julia Gladwell
"I love the table arrangements and decorative elements - all these little things emit a real personality" Derek Ventling
"This class was amazing and very informative. Thank you" Nastassja Carr

Check out more at www.perfumeplayground.co. We also design fragrance for brands and host private experiences with brands like Lululemon, Air New Zealand & Ecoya. Come join our club!