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Building A Better You image

What would your life look like with greater influence, impact, and income

 What would become possible?

You build a better company by building better people.      - Zig Ziglar

Whether you’re leading change or changing your life, 'Building a Better You' is an interactive       5-session boot-camp, designed to provide practical and strategic approaches to empower yourself and those around you. 

Each session will be held on the Thursdays listed below from 9am - 12:30pm, including full lunch.

Feb. 21st – Using Emotional Intelligence to Better Understand Yourself and Others

Mar. 7th – Building Trust and Avoiding Burnout with Listening, Coaching, Accountability

Mar. 21stCommunication and Collaboration to Achieve Positive Results

April 4thBuilding Influence by Moving from Communicating to Connecting

April 11th – Being Intentional with Your Life and Leading through Action

'Building a Better You' comes with a 100% money back guarantee*!  

*If after the first session on Feb. 21st you're not satisfied this program will add value and deliver results, simply leave the tools and resources provided, and immediately ask Steve for your money back!

If you're not willing to bet on yourself, 

why should someone else?