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What is Breakthrough Breath?

Breakthrough Breath is a marriage between ancient traditions of breath techniques & meditations and modern day neuroscience & quantum physics.

It consists of four different focuses and intensities that are designed to ignite The Four Core Archetypes we all have out of their dormancy and into a more powerful expression of living.

What are The Four Core Archetypes?

The Four Core Archetypes we all have are:

  • The Lover
  • The Warrior
  • The Alchemist
  • The Sovereign (i.e. King/Queen)

Although there can be many more archetypes that people have made up, they basically boil down to these four at their most elemental. 

The idea is to activate dormant energies that connect to the essence of each of these four archetypes to bring each individuals each unique essence into coherence. 

When this is accomplished your outside world begins to reflect the changes of your inside 'settings'. 

How is this different from other Breath techniques?

What we have done is strip away any potentially dogmatic associations with any of the practices that people have past associations with in order to allow just the practice to do its thing.

For instance, here are some words you WON'T hear at this event:

  • Chakras
  • Tantra
  • Chi
  • Visualizations
  • Ascension
  • Holotropic (or any other label of breathwork)
  • ... in fact, we will do our best to avoid any and all labels we can. 

Quite frankly, even calling it Breakthough Breath has its risks, it is called that only because the breathwork we do is designed simply to put you into a state where your own brand of breakthrough is more available to you. 

You Will Also Get...

Hot Seat Coaching: In addition to the breathwork and meditations practices you will take away with you to work with, you will also experience some 'Hot Seat' coaching where I will select one person (at a time) who needs/wants help and we all go to work for their freedom; 

Group Coherence Healing: Similar in intention as the Hot Seat Coaching, Group Coherence Healing is where groups work with a selected individual who is in desire of a breakthough but this one is in silence using the tools we learn over the weekend.

Wine Ceremony (optional): Wine Ceremony is available to you as well at no extra cost (other than you will need to bring a bottle of [red] wine with you) where I will teach you some unusual knowledge about this divine elixir and how it can be used to advance your consciousness... yep. 

Dance 'Church': Dance 'church' is where you will be invited, after wine ceremony, to dance to invoking music in a way that will help you assimilate all that you have learned over the weekend and integrate the experience deeply into your body.

The Journey...

Here is what you have available to you for the weekend:


Fri. April 19th  ---> 6-9pm 
(Fundamentals, Intention Setting, Breath Practice 1)

Sat. April 20th ---> 6am-4pm 
(More Breath Practices, Hot Seat, Group Coherence Healing, & more)

Sat. April 20th ---> 7pm-12am -  (OPTIONAL - but recommended)  
Wine Ceremony & Dance 'Church'

The Investment...

As this is just being released and we would like others to experience the practice, it is being made available to you for an incredibly low price of...

 ... JUST $179 for the whole enchilada.

The hope is to get as many folks as possible to the event so we can create as large a coherence field as possible. 

When that happens, other's frequency can actually entangle with yours and pull it up. A real win/win situation. 

Your energy pulls up others when you are at high frequency and others with pull you up if your frequency is temporarily low. 



JUST $179


There are only so much space in our private venue and when they are gone they are gone, so don't delay and reserve your spot today.

With love,


Tymothy Roy
Transformational Coach