Dealing with Difficult Clients: A Two Hour Recorded Online Course with Phil Gott – YouTube

Wed 17 May 2023 2:00 PM - Wed 1 Jan 2025 4:00 PM BST
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Welcome to our course on dealing with difficult clients. In any law firm, this can be a common problem, and it can be a daunting task for anyone in any client facing role. It is vital to know how to effectively manage difficult clients and maintain a positive relationship with them.

This course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to handle a variety of challenging situations with clients. Through practical examples you will learn how to identify different types of difficult clients, de-escalate tense situations, communicate effectively, and provide effective solutions to their problems.

You will also gain insight into the psychology of difficult clients and learn how to manage your own emotions in high-pressure situations. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with practical strategies to manage and turn challenging situations into positive outcomes.

Whether you are new to client-facing roles or have years of experience, this course will provide you with valuable tools and techniques to deal with even the most awkward people.

The course is delivered by Phil Gott of Firm Academy, who specialises in helping law firms and other professional practices get the best from their partners and staff. Phil is a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association and has been voted Trainer of the Year by the Legal Education & Training Group. He authored Managing People in a Law Firm in The Law Society’s Practice Management Handbook and has also written a White Paper on Talent Management in professional service firms. Phil’s clients range from ‘magic circle’ firms to regional and single-office firms both in the UK and overseas.

Lawyers and their clients work under high pressure, which can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Yet approaches that work well with one person may not work with another. As a professional you need to be able to handle difficult behaviours under pressure. This course will cover:

  • Different types of ‘difficult’ behaviour and how to deal with each with clients
  • Taking ownership of situations and providing reassurance without over-committing
  • Controlling your feelings and developing an inner confidence in daunting situations
  • How to handle clients who are emotional (angry or upset)
  • Words to use and words to avoid in dealing with difficult clients
  • Using questions to understand, to build empathy and to help people see solutions for themselves
  • How to respond if you are asked something you think you should know, but don’t
  • What to say when you are (or may be) in the wrong
  • How to deal positively with being asked to do something when you are too busy
  • How to deal with someone who seems aggressive
  • Avoiding conversations becoming ‘difficult’ by acting quickly and being honest and transparent

Price: £125 + VAT This is a per organisation price, so your colleagues from the same organisation can watch the recording at absolutely no extra charge, even if they are viewing it from a different location or at a different time. 

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