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Through intuitive learning method and the unique Lego brick kit we've developed, with each class children learn a different physical principle and build a motorised build. This term we will be building classic models like a conveyor belt, lifts, cranes etc. learning about the inventor/invention, the purpose it was built for and how the design has changed through the years. Children build the model experiment with it by adding their own creativeness to the model.

Students participating in e² Young Engineers’ Galileo Technic advanced enrichment program will get hands on experience that will prepare them for their future the working in 21st century. Participants will be taught to use expert level engineering thinking, using math and physics to solve problems and build efficient machines. Using that professional engineering perspective students will learn to focus on identifying appropriate solutions for a given problem. In addition they will work in groups, promoting teambuilding to construct complex mechanisms.

Galileo Technic provides an advanced level of thematic study, implementing mechanical engineering principles through building LEGO® bricks models. By analyzing physical, mathematical and technical aspects of a machine’s operation, students
will implement the most efficient method for building their machine. Students study a certain topic; explore it from different angles and contexts while integrating the core processes frequently applied by engineers. Participants will graduate the Galileo Technic program with amazing newly learned skills in Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Please note the payment made is for a term of 10 weekly Saturday sessions.