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Course Description

At its simplest, this is a BIOMECHANICS and PAIN SCIENCE course. Ideally, we've distilled the best of both to get the best approach to pain and injury management.

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science is a two-day course that mixes a lecture, case study and hands-on learning format. This course has been taught throughout the world with the aim of simplifying the biomechanical approach to injury and pain management. A simplified, yet strongly evidenced based biomechanical approach, allows the therapist to develop skills that address all areas of the biopsychosocial contributors to the pain experience.

This course teaches When Biomechanics Matters along with Therapeutic Neuroscience Education in a Biopsychosocial framework.

Traditional rehabilitation practice is steeped in the biomedical model of treating pain and injuries. While the biopyschosocial model of care is touted as being the superior approach it is often difficult to incorporate traditional biomechanical training within this model. There is the fear that therapists become psychotherapists. The aim of this course is to help reconcile and reconceptualize the biomechanical approach. You will learn that you need not throw the baby out with the bath water when you embrace the biopsychosocial (BPS) approach. Remember, the BPS model starts with "Bio": you will learn how biomechanics matters and how pain science education and cognition changing can fit together.


  • Provide a framework to simplify and improve the role of biomechanics and therapeutic neuroscience in the treatment of pain and injury
  • demonstrate how biomechanical treatments and explanations can address the multidimensional nature of pain
  • Provide exercise prescription that is informed by biomechanics and therapeutic neuroscience
  • Learn to different methods of applying therapeutic neuroscience to a traditional biomedically based practice
  • learn the practical applications of the best research on tendon pathology, symptom modification and graded motor exposure.

This course is great for anyone working with people in pain or injuries. Physiotherapists, Chiros, Massage Therapists , Osteopaths, Sport Therapists, Movement Pros/Teachers and Strength Coaches are welcome.

**Pricing: group discounts always availabe or any extenuating circumstances - please send me an email

Cancellation Policy

Because we know that plans change refunds available if cancelled 3 weeks or more before the course starting date.

**Occasionally, we have to reschedule a course - the latest this would happen would be 4 weeks before the course start. Please do not book your travel arrangements until after that time.

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