Whimsy Supper Club

Across the Vale

Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Flicker and Fir Loft

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Join us for a spooky night of food, fun and celebration across the vale. It's Whimsy Supper Club's one year anniversary! Also it's the time of year Whimsy the Wisp goes home to the Other-world (humans call it the Nether-world).

What to look forward to . . .

  • Before you arrive, become an Other-world inhabitant and dress-up as a fairy, ghost, ghoul or other apparition, there will be a costume contest with great prizes!!!
  • Bring your physical ticket or e-ticket and show up 15 to 30 mins early to get checked-in. Follow the jack-o-lanterns up the stairs.
  • At 6 pm we will gather around in the Fragrant Forest. Le Chef (a secret gypsy witch) will cut into the bread of fate to tell your fortunes in groups, then your fate will be sealed with butter (or coconut cream).
  • SAVE THE STRAGGLERS! A few stragglers followed Whimsy across the vale and got lost in the Fiery Bog where they were captured by Octo the Octopus. Participate in a fun trick-or-treat treasure hunt, follow the clues to find all the treasure before time runs out and Octo will let the stragglers free!
  • An End-of-Harvest meal and warm drink will be served in three different regions of the Other-world buffet style so you can eat while you play.
  • Whimsy will have dessert and tea available during costume contest voting at their house in the Sprite-y Hills region (on the platform stage).

Only 16 places are available in the Other-world!

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